Those Continuing in Sin Are Like Rats in a Maze

I warn any and all this day that the darkness, the depravity, the despair, and the death are the result of gross sins and the iniquities that people have given themselves unto. As rats caught in a maze, they are continuing to sin, sin, and sin again. Why is it that people seek their refuge in all manner of alleviation and cannot find relief in the same? It is because they have chosen to race madly down the highway to hell.

The world itself is full of wild, wanton wickedness, as evil men, women, and children are scurrying about recruiting for the devil’s armies. Sinful behaviors increase, and the ones who were at one time naive and innocent are quickly drawn into the ranks of evildoers. How has all of this come upon the land?

When people abandon Me, what do they gain instead? They become treacherously addicted to the vices of destruction and damnation. All of these maladies are the result of demonically controlled persons who are ensuring their own destruction and damnation.

When I created men and women, it was not for the purpose of self-destruction, nor the destruction of others. I created humankind to live for Me and to do what I ordained for them. When you see how souls have turned aside from Me and taken up the way of their own destruction, how foolish they are. Yet, the truth remains standing even when men and women are totally corrupted in their criminality against Me.

Be thankful that you have Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, for He is the One who has given to you the life that you can now live. There is no reason to continue in death when I have given to you the way of life eternal. It is Me the Living God who is ever present to all who choose Me. Continue in the way of the living and do not return to the way of the dead.

How often have My prophets warned and warned against the sins that damn people’s souls? How often have they been forewarned of their own impending destruction, death, and damnation? Know that over and over, history repeats herself, and great sufferings and sorrows have visited themselves upon humankind.

Be aware that I the Living God do not find pleasure in the death of those who are committing sins. I find joy when such ones will hear and obey the call to repentance and turn to righteousness, walking uprightly in Me. This day, be aware that when My wrath, fury, and indignation are released upon lands and peoples, it is because it is needful that I do the same.

I do not let men and women go on forever in their rebellions, and if they persist in the same, they become the victims of their own choices against Me. Thank Me that you can choose Me and walk in the way of the upright and be kept from all manner of destruction.

Therefore, keep your vision upon Me and walk in the Truth and the light every single day. Do not turn aside to the ways of the heathen, nor return to your own former lifestyles of sin. Be glad each day that it is Me that you are serving in the attitude of gratitude. Know that through Me you are increased in godly wisdom and the respectful reverence you are meant to have towards Me as the One who rules over you.

The sorrows of those who have hastened after other gods are increased and multiplied daily and this is because they choose to rebel against Me. In these times, men and women make light of the future that is before them. They fail to consider where they will spend eternity, and go on in their foolery without any thought for what lies ahead. Know that they court their own destruction and damnation, all for naught.

It is senseless to live useless and destructive lives. It is sensible to live your lives useful unto Me and My kingdom purposes. Do what is right, shun the wrong, and do not keep company with those who have chosen to go a whoring from Me. You are not meant to be covered in the filthiness of worldliness. You are meant to be living in the holiness that is My way.

Be determined that you will not be demonically controlled. Seek for the counsel that is given through My Holy Spirit to any and all who are desirous of truth and light. I do not leave the people who walk uprightly and seek to please Me. They can count on Me as the One who is ever present.

Ask for the mind of My Spirit to direct you and guide you forth that you know it is Me who is the anchor of your souls. The Holy Spirit has been provided for you. In the Holy Spirit, you will find your hope is not devastated when you let the Spirit mind rule over you.

Be thankful that the presence of My Spirit is the marvelous gift provided for you that you can be enjoying the same continually. When you make good use of the provisions you have been given, you see that they are indeed more than adequate for you.

There are multitudes in these times who are living in the abominations that come to those who are far from Me. You are not called to abominations; you are called to the sweetness of salvation and the celebration of the same. Do not drink the cup of wrath intended for the damned who refuse to repent. Rather drink of the cup of joy that is intended for the ones who have and are giving their all for Me.

Thank Me that you can indeed know what it is to be kept and guided each day in the way that is life, joy, and peace. Peace with Me is available to those who abandon themselves unto Me.