Those Who Want Their Way Rebel Against Repentance

I speak unto you this day and tell you plainly: There are multitudes who use My Name in vain. That is, their hearts and behaviors are far from the way that I ordain. These ones lead themselves onward in the way that they please, for they are not in subjectivity to Me, yet they will exclaim and repeatedly say, “Thank god.”

The truth is, I am not the god that they serve. Even if they are obviously worshiping idols, they are not really serving any of those idols, for they are promiscuous in their relationship unto such. The predominant god that they serve is themselves, for they are self-lovers who are loving themselves above anything or anybody.

Therefore, they are not eager to amend their doings, because they are enjoying the indulgences they live in. Yes, they serve themselves in whatever measure they can, and still get by. Somehow, they imagine they are just fine. This is because they refuse the overshadowing of My Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit goes out unto people to convict them of their sins. Those who refuse that conviction are determined to dedicate themselves to “their own way.”

Those who want “their own way” basically rebel against repentance because they are afraid to give up the control they imagine they have over their own lives. However, they are spiritually blind because they do not realize that their motivation is from the devil and his demon forces. So, while they think they are living their lives as they please, they are living for the deceiver.

The human nature of people throughout the earth opposes My Spirit because the same nature is destined for death. I do not call you to death and damnation. I call you to eternal life through repentance unto My Son, Jesus Christ. If you choose to believe in Jesus, know that the old human nature that was your ruler will be angry.

The carnal mind is enmity against Me and My way. This is because the carnal rule has been brought down, and the dethroned king or queen is constantly trying to regain control. Because of the fact that the old nature is governed by demonic forces, the motivation of the same is to murder the truth you have come into.

Consider that when My Son came and dwelt among humanity, as He was led by the Holy Spirit, He declared to carnal men and women their need to repent. As He did so, it was the carnal religious leadership who opposed Him and the message that He came declaring. This was, and still is, because these religious leaders did not love Me; they loved themselves.

Because of their blatant self-love, they despised Him and plotted to murder Him. Actually, all the while they considered themselves to be so clever as they plotted to put an end to Him by their schemes. However, what they did not realize was that they did nothing but prove their own stupidity and blindness.

The eternal plan which My Son came to fulfill was completed, and He gained great everlasting victory over them by His obedience. He laid His life down and became My broken bread. It was through His sacrifice and willingness to go to the cross that He opened the way for men, women, and children to repent. No longer was salvation to be only for the Jews, but He gave the light so that all who believed upon Him could and would be forgiven.

Those who had once lived and walked in darkness were given the opportunity to come into the light. Meditate on this, My people: that you were once in darkness and now you are in the light because He is the One who came to bring light unto the world.

Those who see the light and reject the same are condemned by their rejection and rebellion against Him. For when men, women, and children choose darkness rather than the light, it is because their deeds are evil. Likewise, those who see that their behaviors are wrong and do repent and return to Me are well pleasing.

Be thankful and serve Me with gladness because you have been given the opportunity to walk in My righteousness revealed. As you walk in the way of the upright, so are your eyes opened to behold more and more of My light. You have been born again of incorruptible seed, and through adherence to the Holy Spirit’s guidance, you are led forth in the narrow path of eternal life.

Do not be neglecting the truth to take up lies because of the pressure of self-love. Realize that your old nature is the ally of the devil and his demons, and that these forces all work against the new life you have in Me. The scheme does not change. They are trying to put to death the life that you have come into and will stop at nothing in order to accomplish their goal.

I desire that you keep alert in My Spirit that you do not resort to believing in the lies of your own carnal mind and succumbing to the same. In the good fight of faith, remember that you must battle the forces that are in the world, as well as the forces that dwell inside of your own selves.

Be ever present in the mind of My Spirit, for the same is My will for you. I do not desire that My people would cave in to the pressures that come against them. I ordain My people to rise up in the glorious powers of who I am and be the victors they are called to be.

Do not allow yourselves to become the mental victims of the workers of iniquity and be taken down under the pressures of the same. Rather be thankful that through Me you are enabled to overcome and remain in overcoming victory.