Do Not Be Enticed and Seduced by the World’s Vices

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be admonishing one another in the way that I ordain. I do not call you unto worldliness, but I call you to godliness in Me. That is, I call My people to keep themselves for Me because I am the One they are meant to please.

Be aware that the world is full of contaminating vices which take men and women far from Me. Such forces are seductive and enticing, and those who are not alert spiritually are easily beguiled.

Consider the first sin. When Eve believed the enticing, beguiling words of the devil, she was taken into control by the same and partook of the forbidden. What seemed so innocent was actually fatal entanglement into the way of separation from Me.

Consequently, she did not remain alone in her transgression, but she likewise invited her husband to partake of the same darkness. Then both were found guilty before Me and banished from the Garden of Eden where all was abundantly provided for them.

The wages of sin are and always will be death, and those who imagine that they get by are living in deception. When I dictate My standard, the same is meant to be kept by those who are Mine. That is, My people are not meant to transgress repeatedly against Me by doing those things that are a grief unto Me.

So often, My people will become lazy and likewise hazy, and as they are so, they will be more adept at pleasing people than pleasing Me. Now be aware of the fact that multitudes have taken themselves in the way that I never ordained, that is, they have chosen to be beguiled and deceived. This is because they love the lies of the liar inasmuch as they want to do deeds of evil. This is plainly because they have not kept their hearts for Me.

Do not imagine that you get by with transgression against Me. Realize that there is always a payback for the same. There are endless multitudes who end in hell because of their own choices against Me. Giving themselves over to unrighteousness, they go in the darkness of sin, and in the same they violate Me. Know of a surety that yielding unto evil is vile in My sight, and those who do the same are foolish children.

There are many who are only surfacing their commitment unto the way that I have intended. These ones will easily fall for the enticing entanglements that the enemy forces offer to them. As a consequence, they are taken down the highway to hell at high speed.

The havoc that the devil and his demons cause in their lives is terrible to behold, and many sorrows accompany the same. It is not My plan nor purpose for them to be taken in such a stronghold of death. Sad to say, they actually are choosing the route they take to their own damnation.

Let Me warn you: Do not give way to sin. Refusal is the remedy to the sickness of sin. Know that the seducer offers fun, excitement, and unlimited pleasure. Be aware that such lies are merely the hooks he uses to destroy the lives of those who bite the bait. What did Eve do in the original sin? She bit the bait and ate of the tree that I had forbidden them to eat of. Know that you can commit deadly sins through your mouths.

When the enemy would come at you to declare that you are too strict, harsh, and unloving, consider that it is not true. He, the evil one, loves to put My people under mental condemnation to weaken them and likewise entice them to sin. I give you the strength to stand against sin and keep yourselves for Me as the One who bears rule over you.

I absolutely do not intend for you to be devoured and destroyed by demonic powers. I intend for you to be kept in the power that I give unto My own. Therefore, in this wicked, vile, and perverse generation, let it be Me that you look to as your protector.

The world pays endless amounts for protection from the forces they fear. I do not charge you to be your protector; I provide such unto you because I love you. Be thankful that you can indeed be kept as lambs and sheep in the midst of wolves as you keep your eyes upon Me.

How important it is to keep your vision single unto Me, for I am the One who through My Holy Spirit gives to you guidance. Do not turn to the left or right; just keep on in the narrow path that leads to eternal life. I do not call My people to allow the wickedness of this age to corrupt them and take them into the cesspool of sin.

Why is it that I give you warning after warning? It is because I see plainly that many of My people have chosen the way of death and damnation. This choosing has come to them by subtle suggestions from the enemies. Why should you go in such a way when you are meant to follow Me?

Do not allow your eyes to be dimmed by the false, glaring lights of the worldliness. When you are keeping your vision single unto Me, you will be given the clear light that comes of Me. By the same light, you will be able to keep in the pathway of My righteousness revealed.

Be thankful if you are admonished by your fellow pilgrims, for in the same you can gain strength. Do not live in fear and trembling of the opinions of men. Live in adherence unto Me as the One you are meant to please and obey.

Thank Me that I am the One who desires you to walk uprightly each and every day. Serve in the attitude of gratitude, for as you are giving thanks and praise, you will see length of days and My mercies abundant.