Chronic Complainers End in a Pit

I speak to you this day and I say: Do not spend your days in the prison house of chronic complaining. When you give way to the temptation to murmur and complain, you will find yourselves distanced from Me. I do not call My people to be complaining; I call My people to be giving Me thanks and praise. The reason for thanksgiving is because being redeemed from the penalty of your sins is a great privilege.

Consider that when you are looking unto Me as the author and the finisher of your faith, you will understand that I know what I do with you, and there are not mistakes in Me. Far too many in these times are merely fair-weather friends inasmuch as they do not weather the storms of life coming forth praising Me. Instead, they give themselves over to murmuring, which leads to complaining, and more complaining.

If left unstopped, such complaining will lead to accusations against Me. Soon, the persons who have yielded to CC (chronic complaining) find themselves in a pit of their own making. Be aware that there is more power in your words than you can understand at a surface level. When you are angry at Me, you will say things that are damaging and cause many sorrows.

I do not call you to sorrows, I call you to eternal life and the joy that comes of abiding in My presence. Be glad even now that if you want to complain, you have the power to deny such a desire. In place of yielding to complaining, start praising Me. Think of all the good things I have done for you and how I have uplifted you into the mercies that are only in Me.

In these times of My wrath, fury, and indignation being revealed, multitudes are suffering acutely because they are choosing the world above Me, that is, they are believing in the lies of the wicked. All the while, they are resisting repentance and choosing complaining as their constant companion.

My people are meant to keep their faith, trust, hope, and confidence in Me, for I am the One who is able to provide. It is My Spirit who guides them forth that they can be giving the testimony of My goodness unto them. Keeping the right vision and perspective is a daily battle that must be fought and won. Do not think that every thought that crosses your minds is of My Spirit, for your minds can be the breeding ground for departure from Me and the way that I have given for you to walk in.

When you find your minds flooded with the negative thoughts, do not yield to murmuring, complaining, or accusing. Be harnessing your tongues and bringing them into subjectivity unto Me. Even when you “feel” like you are justified in your complaints, do not yield to such pressures.

Be diligent to harness your minds as well as your tongues and bring every thought into subjectivity. When you see the utter darkness that engulfs those who are chronic complainers, don’t you desire to be far from them? Of course you do, because such complainers are infectious and love to spew their darkness.

Do not be quick to lend your ears to complainers; be quick to lend your ears unto My Holy Spirit. Trusting that I am your Maker and your God, keep attentive unto the Holy Spirit’s commands, which will guide you away from the traps laid for you.

Those who constantly give vent to complaints find themselves without joy. Likewise, contentment is far from them, and they are left to their own desolation and despair. To them, one day is dreary, then the next is even more so. Without the uplifting and joy that come from thanking and praising Me, they plod hopelessly along. The words they speak keep them imprisoned in dread and depression.

Consider that as My people, you are not meant to be in such a habitation, for the same is deadly depression. I have not purposed you to dwell in the death way; I have purposed you to live in the life way that I provide for you. Be glad to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude even as you see the utter wickedness of the evil ones in rule. The desire of such workers of iniquity is to corral all people and control them with their powers of evil.

The power of who I am is superior to all other powers. So, when you remain in Me, then are you lifted above the darkness. In the empowerment that I give, you will find that you become more and more able to rejoice for the light you live in. So it is that you have no reason to carry on as though you are victims. You are not. Remember that through the power found in My Son, you are victors.

This day and every day, counterattack and assault the powers that want to see you trapped and ensnared by the negativity that’s ever present. Say no to the negative, and overcome rather than being overwhelmed. Be glad for the privilege you have to be redeemed. Show forth your appreciation for the forgiveness mercies you walk in by giving thanks and praise.

Realize the power of repentance, and if you slip and let your tongue give vent, repent and return to praise. The more that My people give honor unto Me, the more they are honored by Me. Do not prove to be dishonorable sons and daughters who are ungrateful and never finding satisfaction. Instead, be the sons and daughters who are honoring Me with their words and their lives.

I delight in the ones who are harnessing their thoughts, their tongues, as well as their actions and reactions. How good it is to be loved by Me and reconciled to Me as your Creator!