Those Who Love Lies Choose Darkness over Light

I speak to you this day and I remind you that I am the triumphant, victorious, eternal God who remains far above all of the gods of the heathen. The gods of men come and go, and are ground to powder and cast unto the wind. Those who have cried out to such and believed in them have been consumed of lies and end in destitution of soul. Throughout the ages, multitudes have followed such nonsensical deities only to end in death and damnation.

As the Creator of all humankind, I made men and women to worship Me and serve Me with gladness each and every day. However, because of the original sin of Adam and Eve, whereby they chose to believe the liar above Me, multitudes have been devoured by lies. I do not intend for people to be consumed in the lies of the liar, yet they are. This is because they prefer darkness over light, and they prefer the lies of the liar over the truth that comes of Me.

When it is made evident that many are believing in the liar, do not be discouraged, for My Son Jesus has already made that clear. Did not He tell those who listened to Him that His way (which is My way) was narrow and that there would be few who would walk in the same?

Humans living upon the sin-cursed earth are as cursed as the very earth they inhabit. Because of their lack of perception regarding eternity, many follow along blindly after false messengers and are damned in the same.

Inasmuch as I have sent My Son Jesus, light has come into the world. However, as He came to the Jews, who were My people, they received Him not, preferring to receive the multitude of false teachers and hypocritical guides.

The religious leaders of the time that Jesus walked among the multitudes declaring the message of repentance refused His message. Not only did they refuse His message; they refused Him to the extent that they plotted and planned His death. Their hearts were far from Me, and they despised Him because He told them the truth.

As they schemed and plotted against Him, their hypocrisy knew no limits. Their murderous intent caused them to be even harder and more angry at Him because they desired to put down the truth He proclaimed. This is because they were not of Me. Rather, they were false messengers who were of the devil. However, they had deceived the multitudes into believing that they were My messengers. All the time they were simply using the people for their own gain.

So it is even in these days. There are many false messengers who lead people in the way of destruction. These pretenders who are hypocrites claim to be of Me, but they are not. They even lead whole nations into separation from Me and advocate hatred for My righteousness and for the truth.

Such ones as these are murderous in their intentions. They do not want the truth to be proclaimed. They viciously plot to destroy the ones who are messengers of the truth. This is because the messengers of the truth are exposing them in their lies and hypocrisy.

Thank Me that you can keep your vision single unto Me as the Most High God whose glories remain. I do not intend for you to be taken in the way of the foolish who follow blind guides. I intend for you to walk in the victorious power that is yours through My Son, Jesus.

Therefore, do not allow the enemies to rob you of the joy that is given unto you. The plots of the wicked are ever against the just, but you have victory and power over the wicked. It is Me the Living God who is your deliverer and your refuge. Therefore, be ever present in Me as I am the Keeper of your souls.

In these times of My wrath being revealed against the unbelieving, hypocrites, mockers, and scoffers, be aware that I am near to you. That is, you are not intended to suffer under My wrath. Rather, you are meant to continue in My joy, for I am with you always. As My people, know that you are led in the way of life, wherein My righteousness is shown to you.

Be a people who are alive in spirit and in cooperation with the commands of the Holy Spirit. The same has been given to you that you be guided in the way of all truth. When you are in obedience to My Spirit, you will see how far the people being blinded by the god of this world are from Me.

Every day, the false messengers are blasting away with their words of death, and multitudes follow along. Thank Me that you are not under the spell of the mediums who transmit lies. These ones control others by their constant hammering away of any residue of respect for Me and My authority.

Such are the times that you are in, when the hatred for Me runs deep and the intentions to destroy truth are evident. Do not be afraid to keep standing for Me and the truth of My kingdom. Remember that I am the I AM and I will do all that I promise. I will continue to bring down the proud through My wrath, fury, and indignation. Likewise, I will keep and provide for the ones who are true unto Me as they proclaim the truth to a lying generation.

Indeed, you are privileged to be identified with My Son and the truth that He walks in. Those who accept the divine calling and cherish the same will not forsake Me simply because of the plots of the wicked. They will be made stronger by the opposition to the truth because they will remain standing in the face of adversity and hatred. Thank Me and praise Me!