Those Who Worship False Gods Are Deluded

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be thankful because you can serve Me with gladness and rejoicing and be ever uplifted in the power, the strength and the glory of who I am. When it is Me that you look to as your heavenly Father, you will see how much mercy I have had upon you by sending My Son Jesus unto you. Without belief in My Son, there is no way to be saved from the penalty of sin. Be glad that when I sent Him to you, you were enabled to believe and receive Him as your Savior and Lord.

There are multitudes throughout the earth who are worshiping false gods and are fully deluded by the same. I do not call any to worship the gods of demonic origin, for they motivate those who worship them to deeper sins and more vile transgressions against Me. All the time, the idol worshipers are in the delusional darkness of their gods, with no hope of salvation.

Without salvation through My Son, many are perishing daily. That is, when they die, they end in hell, as they are damned. Consider how ugly it is to be bound in hell and have no way of escape from the torments of the same. This is why My Son commanded His disciples to go into all the world and preach the gospel. This command was given so that the world’s people would have the opportunity to be redeemed by believing upon Him.

The same commission holds true for these times. My people are meant to obey that command and go into all the world and preach the gospel. However, few are listening to the commands, let alone being in obedience to the same. This is because My people have chosen to live the good life and have forsaken the true life of obedience unto the commands of Jesus. In such choices, the multitudes perish without the knowledge of salvation through My Son.

I hold every generation of believers accountable for what they do in reference to the commands of My Son. When any generation fails to obey the orders given to them by My Son, then they are held accountable for the souls who are without Christ and perish in their heathenism.

The commands given to declare Him to any and all do not fade away. Those commands are ever present and meant to be obeyed as the Spirit directs. It is foolish to imagine that you do not have to walk in obedience. You are called to be an obedient people ever in adherence to the way that is intended for you to walk in.

Do not look to live the “good life.” Rather, be in the true life that is the obedient service unto the divine commands. So many think they may live selfishly and they are acceptable, yet as believers, they are practicing disobedience, for their vision is upon themselves and not upon Me and the way that is purposed for them. Instead, they live only for themselves and what they can gain in this life. Many of such ones are gaining their rewards now and will have nothing in eternity.

Do not live your lives in selfishness; live your lives in obedience, because you only have one life to live here on earth. It is best to live that life totally absorbed in the way that the Holy Spirit directs you. Know of a surety that My Spirit does not direct you into self-idolatry. My Spirit guides you in the steps of Jesus that you are walking in the pathway that I intend.

Many are complainers, believing that what they want is the most important thing. The truth is, what I want is the most important thing for any believer to adhere to. Do not waste your time on this earth in the trap of selfishness and complaints against any who do not give you what you want. Rather, live your lives full of enthusiasm for My will and My plan for you. When you live in surrendered abandonment unto Me, you will realize more and more that My will is the most important thing you are to accomplish.

Therefore, adhere to the way of life and do not give way to the enticing forces that want you to cease being obedient. Likewise, do not be looking out only for your own well-being, but consider the well-being of others too that they are saved and walking in My way. As My people, the more you follow the Holy Spirit, the greater will be the joy that you have in doing what I ordain.

Peoples throughout the earth are gasping for the new life that comes of Me as truth is declared to them. They are being crushed by the darkness of demonic fear and are captives of the same. As believers, realize that you are called to set the captives free from the prison houses they are in. Likewise, there are those who are thirsting for the waters of life that cleanse and nourish them.

With these factors in mind, keep diligent at the work that is set before you, and do not veer out of the way. Be glad even this day that you are given the opportunity to labor as co-laborers in the harvest of souls. When you keep your vision single, the purpose remains evident and the yoke is not hard. Remember, you can be yoked together with Jesus and will find that the burden and the yoke are not grievous.

Do not set your eyes on the materialism mania that has taken so many believers away from My kingdom way. To make gain in this life does not prove that you are pleasing Me. To make gain in terms of souls coming into the salvation mercies is the way that is true gain. Remember that your life is hidden with Jesus. You are no longer the central focus. The abundant life is found in believing, receiving and declaring the truth unto the lost.