Those Who Accuse God Are the Losers in the End

I speak to you this day and I declare that there is no wickedness in Me. When any accuses Me, they are fools, for I am the God of righteousness and My way is perfect. There are those who hate Me and will attempt to undermine Me because they are perpetually attempting to play god themselves. However, they are fools who will be exposed and taken in their folly. Know that the accusers against Me are the losers in the end.

Throughout the history of humankind, many have risen up, full of pride, and esteemed themselves to be something that they were not. In so doing, they have been proven to be fools, and they perished in their pride. All of the things they built up did not remain theirs in the end.

Men and women do not come into life with anything, nor do they leave with all of their riches and possessions. They then have to face Me and receive their destination for eternity. Most are not at all prepared for their eternity and end in hellfire.

I do not expect men and women to judge Me, inasmuch as they are created by Me and meant to be useful unto Me. I do not accept the self-righteous, proud ones who think they can point the finger at Me and get by. Such as these are proving themselves to be blinded by the god of this world, and are merely acting out his wicked agenda.

Consider that when I made man and woman in the beginning, I created them to be in divine union with Me. However, because of their listening to the liar, they followed his instructions rather than Mine. Such was the seriousness of their sin, that they ended up banished from the Garden of Eden, where they had lived in divine union with Me. They were cursed, as were their generations. In fact, the whole human race became cursed. It has never been My purposed plan for men and women to be cursed. The curses that are upon them are because of sin.

When you will stop and meditate on the impact of sin, you will find that multitudes are destroyed because they have chosen darkness rather than the light that I give. They take up the task of accusing Me, and in the same show forth the utter wretchedness of their own hearts. I do not call you to accuse Me; I call you to obey Me and to serve Me in the attitude of gratitude.

Did not I sharply rebuke My servant Job when he accused Me when he was under the distress of his sufferings? Of course, he repented and realized he had no right to accuse Me for anything. Believe Me when I say that you are called to walk in the righteousness that I provide, for it is the pathway that leads to eternal life in Me. Over and over, you are instructed by My Holy Spirit that you can walk in the way that I ordain and provide.

Now is the time to realize the seriousness of how deadly it is to falsely accuse Me, when I am the very One who has given life to you. All of humanity is My creation. There is no other source that has brought forth human beings. Therefore, when people through pride judge and accuse Me, they are utter fools who will likewise be judged by Me. Know that when I do judge such ones, it is because they are worthy of My wrath, fury and indignation against them.

In this time, there are many nations who have forsaken Me. They once knew the way of righteousness, yet they have abandoned the same. They set up in craftiness and invention, whereby they see themselves as able to dictate a morality that is twisted and will end them in death and destruction. Since it is Me the Living God who has given life unto all, I am well able to withdraw the same. All that men have built can be brought down by My dictates, and it is Me who determines who will live and who will die.

Therefore, realize that to walk in such pride as they do is abomination unto Me, and that I am well able to reduce them to ashes and they are left in the ruination of their choices against Me. Be thankful even this day that you are not intended to walk afar off from Me, but you are intended to be in communion with Me as the One who is your Maker and your God.

Those who have chosen to worship idols have literally chosen the wickedness of the same, for in turning to idols, the direct message that people are giving is that those dumb idols are more worthy than I am. Know that such is fabrication and imagination, for not one human has been created and given life by the power of dumb idols. Keep yourselves from idols, for in so doing you show that you are appreciating Me as Lord and Master.

When the actual showdown comes, as I have displayed repeatedly throughout the times, it is Me the Living God who is the Almighty. All of those who have worshiped other gods have been shown up to be deceived. The ones who have worshiped Me have been shown to be followers of the Almighty God. Be fully aware that I am who I say that I am, as there is none who is like unto Me. I say that I remain sovereign and high above all of the wiles and inventions of the wicked.

Know of a surety that there is no wickedness in Me, and that those who remain faithfully proclaiming My goodness are recognized by Me as the true and faithful ones. I find no pleasure in the ones who openly declare their hatred and rebellion towards Me, for such are blinded fools who are choosing their own folly. Do not think that I am impressed by them. I am not. In fact, I find them to be repulsive in their willful rebellion. Yes, they receive My wrath in this life, as well as the eternal abode they have chosen in hellfire.