The Carnal Mind Is Allied to the Devil and His Demonic Forces

I speak to you this day and I would ask: Are you really aware of the intensity of the war that rages within you? That is, do you understand and realize that your own carnality is in alliance with the devil and his forces? Do not ever think that such forces have given up on taking you back into bondage. Be alerted to the fact that much of your defeat comes from within, because you give in to the wiles of your old nature.

I do not call you to live in defeat; I call you to live in the newness of life that comes through the salvation mercies you have in Jesus Christ, My Son. When you will meditate daily upon what has been and is being done for you, then the revelation revolution will transpire within, because you will realize beyond a shadow of a doubt how important it is that you adhere to Me as the One who cares for you. The more that you meditate upon My promises, the more that you will see your utter need of obedience unto Me as the keeper of your souls.

Do not be ashamed to call upon Me day by day and seek through the Holy Spirit the guidance that you have need of. Do not resort to the arm of flesh and find yourselves overwhelmed in the same. Rather, seek for the mind of My Spirit, for the same guides you in My way. Those who resort to the arm of flesh are literally cursed by their dependency upon the same, for they are believing in the carnal reasoning of others rather than in Me. I do not intend that you would be subject to carnal reasoning, for the same is just as deadly as your own carnality.

When you are in subjectivity to carnality, the consequence is death. This is because the end of all carnality is death and destruction. The only way that any obtains and remains in eternal life is by obeying the Holy Spirit and coming forth in the commands given by Him. Now, when you consider that the letter kills but the Spirit gives life, be all the more eager to be My Spirit people rather than people who are governed by carnality.

I do not call you to the bondage of carnality; I call you to the absolute freedom that comes when you serve Me in gladness and rejoicing. By serving Me you will find that not only are you guided by the Holy Spirit, but you are likewise given counsel that surpasses the counsel of the best of the carnal counselors whose price is high.

I give freely through the Holy Spirit the counsel that will cause you to be uplifted and comforted in times of stress and mental assault. Likewise, through My Spirit you are guided each day in the small details of daily existence, whereby you see the miracles that I give to you and how I provide.

Therefore, be quick to obey the orders from My divine headquarters, and walk in whatsoever way the Holy Spirit guides you. When you do so, then you are not the victims of the wiles of your own carnality. Rather, you are the victors who are walking triumphantly in Me.

My people are not meant to take on the discouraging, depressing despair that rules in these times. Such is meant for those who are far from Me and rebelling against My way. You are meant to receive with gladness the way that I give, which is eternal life and the power contained therein.

Multitudes who are trusting in carnality will find themselves in a heap over and over. This is because they are trusting in the demonically influenced mind of their old natures. When I give warning as to the craftiness of the old mind, know that it is because I am well aware of the multitude of transgressions and iniquities inherent in the same. No one on earth deceives Me, for I know the issues of the hearts of men, women and children.

When any is trusting in their own understanding, they are trusting in deception and that which takes their hearts far from Me. Do not trust in your own understanding, for it is fickle, not at all faithful unto Me. Therefore, be made glad even this day that I am the One who intends for you to partake of the divine wisdom that is imparted by and through the Holy Spirit. As you understand more fully how much divine wisdom can do for you, you will hunger and thirst for more of the same.

Realize quite simply that when you eat of the bread of life, you live. That is, you are partaking of that which comes down from heaven, as did the manna in the wilderness. The bread of life that I give is the bread that brings satisfaction. Consider how many eat and eat of the natural bread, yet they are never satisfied. They seek to satiate their spiritual hunger through the natural means, and they cannot be satisfied. Why? It is because they are eating of the bread of death, and the same only fills their bellies with decay.

Of course, I do not call you to be filled with decay, which brings forth death; I call you to be filled with the great and glorious abundance that comes to you as you are partaking of My bread. I do not give My people stones to eat; I give to them the bread of life, and in the same they are spiritually fed to the full.

The outright obesity problem of this age is because people have not looked to Me. Rather, they have believed their own carnal minds and been taken into the trap of overconsumption in the flesh. They have given way to their fleshly appetites for food to the extent that the same is greatly hindering them physically. Do not give way to appetites that destroy your bodies. Instead, give yourselves over to the hunger for Me, and I will give to you the bread of life that will bring true satisfaction and fulfillment to your lives.