Do Not Try to Put God in a Box

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I say: Beware the boxes that others would try to put you in. I do not call My people to be boxed into a particular style, mode or time. I call My people to be Spirit people who will follow the commands of My Spirit and be brought forth in the way that I intend.

When you look upon religion, you will see many imprisoned in the boxes of religion. Such is not My will or My ordination for them. It is not just in the aspect of religion that My people can fall prey to being boxed and thereby limited in their walk with Me. Unfortunately, many are bound in the cares of this life and unable to move with Me, because they are believing the lies of the liar. They assume that because of their “responsibilities” they cannot follow Me as they should. Consequently, they stay hindered by such lies and remain boxed in.

So it is, that multitudes have put Me in a box in their minds, and then they limit Me by the same. That is, they are not walking in the fullness of power that I provide. Instead, they are bound in the boxes they have invented and said the same were Me. How foolish people are to imagine that they can box Me up and declare that the same is Me.

There are many in these times who have, or so they imagine, put Me in their boxes and are by the same in control. Actually, when people limit Me and attempt to box Me up, they merely show their own mistrust and unbelief. The motivations of “boxing Me” are that I am put under their control by their pride and their fear.

When people are lacking in faith, when they are fearful and proud, they want things their way. This is because they are trusting in their own imaginations and they are not trusting in Me as the One they are meant to believe. Then they invent limitations as to what I can and cannot do, and think themselves to be in control by the same. Know they are not in control at all; they are merely following the agenda of the wicked one.

Of course, it is well known that the devil has been a liar from the beginning. Therefore, if he can motivate people to believe his lies, he can cause them to miss out on following Me in spirit and in truth. By the same, he feeds them delusion and the confusion of the same, and they are the ones who are really boxed in and in the trap that he set for them.

I do not intend for My people to be deluded and taken captive in the limitations of boxes. I call My people to be made free to follow hard after Me and to bring forth what I desire for them. Therefore, be glad even this day and every day that you can obey the commands of My Spirit and not the commands of demon forces that lead to death and damnation.

Those who are allowing the cares of this life to overwhelm them are likewise in bondage because they bow to the cruel cares. Then they obey the very commands that limit them from following Me as they are meant to do. Be aware that in this trap there are many lies of the wicked one sent to entangle and entice the ones who are meant to be serving Me.

So many will stand before Me destitute. This is because they paid heed to the liar rather than Me and were consequently taken down into the trap, the snare, the entanglements of his lies. Consider that I have not called My people to be ensnared and entangled. I have called My people to be uplifted and brought forth in the abundance of truth that is found inherent in Me.

As My people, keep your vision upon Me, for I am the One you are meant to please and to follow after. Do not lend your ears or your eyes to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils that will cause you to be blinded and made deaf. Rather, keep alert and alive in My Spirit, and be directed in the power of the way that I intend for you as My Spirit people.

There are so many paths in the broad way that lead people into the foolery of their folly, whereby they perish in their sins. When any gives their eyes and their ears to the deceitful spirits and voices of wickedness, they are enticed into sin, and very few find the way out of the same.

Be thankful each day that My Spirit came to you when you were boxed into the death sentence of sin. Through the Spirit you were given the sight to see and the ears to hear, whereby you have received My Son as Savior and Lord. Therefore, be thankful each day for all that I give you, for the same will prove to be eternal life, and the peace and joy that are found in the same.

Do not be deceived but be ready to receive the commands of My Spirit that will direct you in the truth, the light and the mercy of My way. To go into a box after you have experienced freedom in Me is stupid and is not meant for you. I am not to be boxed in, nor are the ones who are My people. I have called My people to remain in the freedom they have through Jesus and to walk each day in the same.

By accepting of the discerning of spirits, so are My people kept from the snares laid for them. If I had desired My people to be boxed in, I would have supplied them with the boxes. However, I call My people to be free to follow after, to obey and to serve in gladness and rejoicing that they are indeed redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.

Knowing Me through My Son, so will My people be ever uplifted and rejoicing in the power that is given through believing in and following the Holy Spirit given to them. My Spirit does not lead you to the boxes; My Spirit leads you onward in the way of eternal life and freedom in Me.