God’s People Are to Love One Another as Divine Family

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be faithfully loving and caring for each other. As My people, you are meant to be kind towards one another, as you are all a part of My divine family. There is no reason to be involved in bitter hatred one towards another. There is every reason to be undergirding and encouraging one another in the way that I intend, the way that is eternal life. Consider carefully that you keep concerned for those who are of the divine family, for to do so is well pleasing unto Me.

When you look at the terrible example of Cain and Abel, what do you see? You see how that jealousy in the divine family erupted in bloodshed as Cain murdered his own brother. I do not intend such things to be happening among My people. Yet, far too often My people give way to gossip and backbiting, devouring one another.

It is not pleasing unto Me when the divine family that I have ordained is full of the same disturbances, upheavals, fleshly lusts, and internal disputes as are found in the world. The way that I intend is for those who are following in the steps of My Son to have compassion and affection one for another.

As any can see, you are living in times when the family unit has disintegrated, and few even remember the “good old days” when children grew up with love and care surrounding them. Now they are raised by the wicked of the world, with all manner of temptation around them. With a touch, they can be transported through the “broad-way’s endless houses of sin” and taken down the road to destruction.

Consider that if I had not intended for the family unit to be, there would be no examples of the same all throughout the creation. However, the creatures that I have brought forth care for and nurture their young. Likewise, those who respect the principles that I have ordained will be most considerate of how they are treating each other.

Therefore, even this day, be aware that as members of My divine family, you are given the great privilege to be cared for and guided each day by My Holy Spirit. You are not led into the ditch of despair; you are guided in hope through My Holy Spirit. As partakers of hope, you are meant to be sharing that hope with others as My Spirit directs you in the same. Do not think that I have called you to live selfishly, pursuing those things that are reflective of the world’s way, with all of the accompanying troubles and sorrows.

I have called you to live in the love, the light, the life that I give each and every day. To do so is to show to the world’s people that there is the better way, that is, My way. So many upon this sin-cursed earth live, die and go to hell without knowing the peace and joy that I am able to give to the ones who are Mine. When you are partaking of the mercies that have been given to you, do not treat each other with ugliness and cruelty.

Do not be quick to give way to explosive anger and jealousy, for the same are capable of causing bloodshed as violence and murder erupt from the depths of the human heart. I do not want such things to be named among My people, nor do I want My people giving way to the sexual sins that are so common in these times. If you distance yourselves from the world’s way and seek to walk in My way, you will see that the same is far better.

Sad to say, far too many of those who claim to be born-again of incorruptible seed are yielding to the corruption of their old natures. In doing so, they bring sorrow to themselves and others, and the consequences are painfully tragic. It is not intended that My people would live under corruption. Through salvation, My people are meant to live in the divine family and know the peace of the same.

The divine family is extensive and is found in many parts of this world. Be aware that I have My people in different nations, tribes and localities. Therefore, do not esteem yourselves to be better than those who have less than you do. Be realizing that these ones are as important to Me as you are. It is easy for those who are with material comforts to look down on those who are not abundant in the same.

However, that has never been the plan originating from Me. It is My plan that My people would be caring for each other in whatever way the Holy Spirit would speak to their hearts to do so. Be glad even this day that you are privileged to serve in the continual attitude of gratitude. It is a blessed privilege to be a part of the divine family, for the same is eternal and everlasting. I have so much prepared for those who walk uprightly and who honor Me day and night by the way they live for Me.

You are living in times of destruction, desperation and despair. Many are doing deeds of deep iniquity daily, as though the same had no consequences. Such thinking is deception and will do nothing except bring forth death and damnation. You are not called to death and damnation; you are called to life through salvation. With this in mind, keep your eyes upon the pathway of hope that has been set before you, and walk each day in the same. Let it be known that I am the One who desires you to be hoping always in Me.

Be glad even this day that you can learn to live in the new life that you have been given, and that as you do, you will be partakers of the glories of the same. To be in the divine family is to be included in the hope and joy that are ever present to those who are trusting themselves to Me.