Some Play Around with Repentance, Not Thankful to Me

I speak this day and I say: There are times when people cry out to Me, yet I do not listen to their pleas because of the magnitude of their sins. They are not worthy of My mercies because their hearts are so far from Me. The hardness of their hearts has increased and they are determined to continue in their sins. Yet, because of their misery, they cry out.

However, if such ones will cry out in repentance, then I will hear them and answer in mercy. Sometimes, they are so wretched when they repent, that their repentance is true. Then there are those who will say sorry but do not mean it, and only want Me to alleviate the anguish they are under. These ones have played around with repentance many times over. Then they return to their sins and wallow in the same.

Know that I am sorely grieved with these ones, and the time comes when I will refuse to listen to them because they are not sincere with Me. When people are truly seeking for My mercies, I delight to give them the same and see them uplifted and brought forth. I am fully aware that there is the development that takes place in the lives of My people whereby they are growing and maturing. In the process of time, My expectation is that they would become sons and daughters who are cleaving to Me in obedience and acceptance of responsibility.

In these times, too many prefer to shun their accountability before Me and accept fully the realm they are meant to walk in. They prefer to remain immature, as they are behaving childishly. Their desires are to please themselves and not Me. Consequently, they are in rebellion, although they mask the same over with church attendance and religious jargon.

Because I know men and women beyond the facade they present to others, I am aware of the depths of their hearts and I see their deeds. I know the ones who fully cooperate with My Spirit. These are pleasing unto Me, and I find My joy in their obedience. Likewise, I know the ones who are doing as they please, when they please, while putting on the outward display of religion. Such as these are displeasing unto Me as they are not faithful to Me. Their allegiance is to themselves.

The condition that the world is in reflects the failure of My own people to put forth the true example of My kingdom and the principles of the same. Far too many who do not believe in Me justify their sinful lives on the fact that there are many who claim to love Me yet do not. These children of the world will point to the hypocrisy of the so-called Christians and use the same as their absolute justification. Be aware that neither of the two is acceptable or justified before Me, because both are living in sin and rebellion against My will for them.

My people are meant to be the salt and the light to the sin-sick world. They are meant to stop the corruption by their example of a better way. They are meant to point to the light that I am to those who dwell in darkness. When My people fail to live in My plan and purpose for them, then the lost remain in bondage and are headed to damnation.

My intention is that My people would be fully accepting My purpose and plan as they do what I desire. When My people will stand in the truth and declare the same, then are others drawn unto the light as they see the wickedness of their sins. The lost will come to desire salvation and seek to be removed from the penalty of their sins. So it is, that they come into the way of repentance and become a part of My fold.

Consider, as I have said, the miserable condition of the world’s people in these times. Because My people are failing to accept accountability for the evangelizing of the perishing, the lost increase in darkness. The results of the disobedience of My people are evidenced by the violence, murder, sexual confusion, addiction, hopeless despair, and wandering homeless. Multitudes are committing suicide, ending their own lives because they have no hope.

How tragic it is that My people want to play games while all around them souls are perishing and dying in their sins. When they stand before Me, they will be responsible for the souls that they were meant to witness to yet they did not. It is not a frivolous thing to be entrusted with the seed of My Son. It is a great privilege to be saved, and there comes with it the expectation of obedience to My will. It is My will that My people yield themselves to My will and not their own selfish desires and lusts, thereby using My Name in vain.

Be thankful that you are enabled to live in My light and show forth the same in the midst of darkness. Do not be discouraged by what others are not doing. Simply be encouraged as YOU obey Me. If you focus on the disobedient, you will become discouraged. Be aware of their failures and do not fall into the same. Rather, focus your eyes on Me and follow the commands of My Spirit. To the few, the courageous ones who truly follow My Spirit’s instructions, more and more light shines forth unto them and through them.

Serve each day in the respectful attitude of gratitude towards Me, and do not take on the rebellion of this age. Choose to obey each day, and see the multitude of mercies that I give you through the same. Those who obey Me are My pleasure, and I give to them all that they need to obey My desire.