My Strategies Are Victorious; Carnal Strategies Bring Defeat

I speak to you this day and I say: Be aware that it is Me the Living God who has the strategies of victory. When My people seek for My counsel, they will be guided in the strategies that I have ordained for them to use. However, when My people follow their own understanding, they will be defeated by the wiles of the wicked.

It is My intention that you would keep your hearts stayed upon Me, for it is Me you are meant to serve. Over and over, the enemies will seek to get you to bow to the gods of the heathen and displease Me. Be aware that to bow to other gods is to commit spiritual adultery on Me. I do not find pleasure in those who are bowing to the gods of wickedness, for such gods are demonic. I find My pleasure in those who are bowing unto Me as their Maker, their Creator.

In the days of old, when the leaders of My people sought Me, I gave to them through the mouths of My prophets the victories they had need of. However, when they followed their own understanding, they were defeated by the same. Be knowing that the same principle is true even now. When you are seeking Me, then are you guided forth by a plain path and given the victories that I provide. Thank Me even now that it is Me who desires you to be victorious as the overcoming people you are meant to be.

Know that the enemies will always try to intimidate you and convince you through fear and terrorizing threats that you are or will be defeated by them. Nonetheless, you do not need to pay heed to them. Rather, pay heed to Me. It is Me the Living God who is ever available with the very tactics and strategies that bring down the enemies. Keeping this in mind, do not walk in fear. Rather, be uplifted in faith and confidence in Me, for I am the One and only eternal God.

It is Me who has the cup of My wrath prepared for those who desire to destroy My people. It is Me who will likewise bring them to ruination, because I am well able to do so. Therefore, do not be eager to accept and receive the lies of the liars and follow the same. Be assured that vengeance is Mine and I repay over and over all of those who have sought to destroy the ones I love. Because I am the invincible, I do not intend that My people would be destroyed by mere men and women.

When you call upon Me, I am ever present and I hear you when you cry and I give to you all that you need. Over and over, you will be enabled to partake of the power that is found in Me as you will listen to the Holy Spirit promptings and obey them. Do not go according to your own understanding. Rather, follow the mind of My Spirit. The Holy Spirit does not lead you to defeat, nor to dwell in the ditch of despair. My Spirit will lead, guide and direct you into all truth. The truth is that in Me is found the way that remains, and as you come forth in obedience, you will experience the joy of victory. Thank Me and praise Me that you can depend upon Me, as I do not fail to make the way for you. Over and over, I bring you forth by a plain path and direct your steps.

When My people go to the world, they are seeking their counsel of death rather than life. Do not go to the world; come to Me, and I will guide you in the way that I have prepared and do intend for you. As you go forth in that way, you will be shown how much power there is to be found only in Me. Do not be easily convinced that I am not with you, but be directed in the pathway of My light, love and life. Over and over, know that it is Me who is the Master of your souls as well as your destiny.

You are destined to be kept in the multitude of mercies that I provide, and to be kept in the goodness that I give to you. Of course, you are in war continually against the wicked forces that want to see you hopeless and helpless. Keep on fighting the good fight of faith and do not succumb to the threats of the wicked and fall down to fear. As you realize how present I am, you will likewise see the wisdom of My way.

While it may appear that the enemy forces gain the victory over you as My people, remember this, that I repay, as vengeance belongs to Me. The way that I bring down the enemies is far more intense and widespread than you are able to do by looking to the arm of the flesh.

Do not look to the unjust, the unclean and the vile, and tremble at their terrorizing threats. Lift up your eyes and your hearts to Me. As it is Me that you seek, you will find that I give you clarity of vision and courage of heart. Then you can continue to have hope and faith in Me.

Thank Me this day that I am and will always be the VICTORIOUS, THE ETERNAL, THE CONQUERING KING. My power and My glory remain after the kingdoms of men and women are crumbled in heaps and brought to total ruination.

Be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, as you are giving Me praise and thanks. Do not let the darkness of these times make you believe that there is no hope for My people. Instead, refuse, refute and rebuke the unfruitful works and workers of darkness.

March onward in the war and look only to Me as the One who will cause you to prevail and overcome. As the overcoming people you are called to be, you will see that through Me you prevail time and again. Likewise, you will see My vengeance rendered upon your enemies as they will be made dust.