Multitudes Are Hopelessly Oppressed and Empty

I speak to you as My people and I declare that I am not sleeping nor slumbering and I am attentive to those who are faithful unto Me. You are not alone, nor are you left desolate and without any help. I am omnipresent and I will uplift and guide you forth in My mercies, through the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. Those who turn aside from Me because they think that I have left them are not being honest with themselves.

When demonic powers descend upon a person or upon peoples, then of course their minds are covered in the darkness of the same. However, I do not call My people to live under darkness; I call My people to live in My light. Therefore, do not easily succumb to the powers that want to crush the life that I have given you and leave you empty and hopeless. In Me there is hope to be found, for I am the One who gives hope unto those who will pay heed to Me and walk in My way.

There are multitudes in these times who are hopeless because of demonic invasion, and the same takes them into captivity and the oppression of the same. I do not call you to such, nor do I intend for you to be under such oppression. I have called you to keep your vision set aright, that is, upon Me, the author and the finisher of your faith, the One who desires you to finish the course that is set before you.

Thank Me even this day that you have been given My Holy Spirit and that the same guides you in the divine wisdom from on high. In the history of My people you can see that oftentimes the people were taken into defeat because of the manipulation of those who were the leaders. The kings were guilty of repeated transgressions and leading the people into idolatry. Of course, the people were easily swayed because they gave way to the sin element rather than resisting the same.

So it is even now, that you must resist sin if you will be found in the place that I desire you to walk in. This is the place of obedience and submission to the directives and commands of the Holy Spirit, who is My gift to you. Be honest with yourselves, and when you are shown the sin inside of you that is trying to take over, resist and rebuke the same. Do not be quick to bow to sin nor the willfulness that leads to death. My people are intended to resist sin and to bring themselves into submission unto Me.

There are many sorrows that the deliberately willful bring upon themselves, because they are rebellious towards Me. That is, they think that they can have their own way, do as they please, and get by. They do not get by at all. In fact, they are taken into deeper and deeper sin and rebellion, until they harden their hearts against Me and openly defy Me.

There are some who are atheists who once served Me. Now they are in outright rebellion and hatred for Me. To say that they are fools is putting it mildly for they are stupid and dumb and have chosen the course of their own damnation.

Know of a surety that when such ones make their choices, the evil forces are there to encourage and empower them. They become highly skilled at enticement, persuasion, and are influential over others. This is that they can bring others into the same dark captivity that they are in. Pay no heed to them in their rantings, for they are promoting deadly doctrines that will cause men and women to lose their souls. Please know that these ones have intended that many would become hopelessly dead as they are dead.

As the Heavenly Father, I do not intend for people to die and be damned. My intentions towards humanity have always been and will always be goodness and mercy. However, because of their choices, they are going in the way of death and damnation and are taken down and bound as captives to the forces of darkness.

I am stronger than any of those forces and I reign supreme. However, because so many choose to succumb to the sin element and yield themselves to the lusts of their own hearts, they follow after darkness. In the path of darkness, of course they do the deeds of the devil and add sin unto sin, until their whole testimony is sin. I do not call them to such; they choose against Me.

Be thankful this day that through My Son you have chosen to live for Me, and that I empower you to keep your vows toward Me. You do not have to be covered by the darkness of the world and devoured by the same. You can be kept in Me and brought forth in the light and guided into all truth by My Holy Spirit. Do not assume that the enemy forces are stronger than I am. Those forces know the power that Jesus has, and that is why they seek to drive people away from the Lord Jesus.

Each day be resolute in your commitment unto Me as your God. Do not play around with the powers of darkness, nor succumb to the temptation to sin. Be serving in the attitude of gratitude and knowing of a surety that I am the One who cares for your souls.

When you keep your hearts set upon Me, then you partake of the newness of life over and over. In the works of wickedness there is constant delusion, darkness and drunkenness. So many are made drunken on pride and the delusions of the same.

Walk humbly before Me each day and be recognizing that I am with you to guide you in the light and the way of eternal life. It is a good thing to know that I am with you and that you are Mine. Be cherishing My mercy and lovingkindness, for they are abundant towards you.