The Majority of Christians Find the Cross Abhorrent

I speak unto you this day and I command you to adhere to the teachings, the commandments which My Son Jesus has given unto you. You are not intended to adhere to the ways of the world; you are intended to adhere unto the teachings that were given by My Son, for those were and are the Words of life. I never intended that men, women and children would reject divine wisdom to adhere to the wisdom of the world. The wisdom of the world is full of vanity and vexation and leads to death and destruction.

When you truly will meditate upon the commandments given by My Son, you will find that you are in cooperation with My intentions and My desires for you. I do not call you to go in the way of the wayward, the foolish, the wicked. I call you to come forth in My way, ever made glad for the same. The way that I the Living God do give unto you is the way of eternal life, the narrow way that Jesus taught about.

Inasmuch, He declared that few would find the straight and narrow way. The reason is that few actually will love Me through My Son to the extent that they will completely dedicate themselves to knowing the way of the Son. This is because the CROSS is abhorrent for the majority of those who are claiming to be Christians. That is, they are refusing to die to themselves that they may gain the treasures that I have for them. They would rather remain as carnal so-called Christians, who partake of the carnal benefits but care nothing for the spiritual treasures.

Those who are not willing to really take up the cross that is intended for them to carry and follow the Lamb are not worthy of His presence. This is because the ones who will be counted as worthy are those who will obey and follow the WORDS OF LIFE that He gave. His words of life are still being given in these times to those who will lend their ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to them.

Unfortunately, many hear the still small voice of the Spirit, yet they disobey the same and go on in their own determinations, and lose out with Me. I do not call men and women to go according to their own determinations, which are deceptive. I have intended from the beginning that those who love Me would walk in receptiveness to My determinations for them and be uplifted in the joys that can only be present in obedience. This day, be glad that you are given My truth and that you can adhere to the same.

When you see the sorrows and the tragedies that befall the disobedient, be thankful that you do not have to adhere to the voices and enticements of demonic powers. Had Adam and Eve resisted the voice and the enticement of the devil, they would never have been cursed and sent from the Garden of Eden. Yet, because of their own determination, they succumbed to seduction and were taken down under the same. Know of a surety that I do not call you to such; I call you to remain in obedience and reap the rewards of the same.

Throughout the generations, the same pattern has been evidenced, inasmuch as multitudes are led into the cesspool of sin. Then onward they go into damnation because of their determination to do things their way rather than the way that I have intended and ordained for them.

Do not go there, for to do so will cause you to be taken down into the ditch of despair that leads to destruction. There are multitudes who give themselves over to the enticements of the broad way that the enemy forces project as exciting and inviting. However, those who pay heed to such are giving themselves up to the sinfulness that will end them in hell.

Consider the bitter end of those who bite the devil’s bait. Did not Adam and Eve bite into the devil’s bait and end up separated from Me and cursed in the process? That disobedience affected and still affects all of humanity, as men and women have chosen the ways of deception above the way of truth. The end of such choices is of course bitter and causes everlasting pain and torment. How many really consider the consequences of their choices in this life on earth? Sad to say, multitudes swarm after that which is vile and wicked, while rejecting that which is pure and precious.

In their lustful appetites, they take up that which is vexation and degradation and takes them into the folly of fools. You are living in times when those who should be adhering unto righteousness and maturing in the same are not the least concerned with what is right. This is because they are following the god of self and making their own determinations without respect of their eternal destinations. Consequently, they are destined to be damned and love it so.

How stupid and dull they are in their idolatry of themselves, thinking that their choices for the pleasures of sin are wise. Over and over, you will see the pattern of the foolish repeated. This is why hell must enlarge herself to accommodate the stupid and spiritually dull who end up damned forever and in the torments and anguish of the foolish.

Of course, I am not mocked, and when humans imagine they can do as they please, when they please, and how they please, they are utterly foolish and have corrupted themselves in wickedness. Therefore, I render to them exactly what they deserve and they are cast into hell with no way of escape. Thank Me that you can be and are kept by Me, for I am loving you.