Those Whose Behaviors Are Disgusting Know What They Are Doing

I speak unto you this day and I say that I do not find delight in an unclean people who are claiming to love Me, yet they are full of moral filth. Consider how really ugly people are who live in sin and think somehow they get by with the filthiness they yield themselves unto. The times that you are in are full of all manner of uncleanness and moral filth because men, women and children have succumbed to the lusts of the flesh.

I do not call you to live in the degradation that is so common in these times, for the same takes many into abomination before Me. When people are disgusting in their behaviors, they inwardly realize what they are doing. However, in that condition there are some who only sink deeper in the mire and there are others who will cry out to be delivered. Those who cry out for the delivering power that I provide will be heard by Me. I will send My Holy Spirit to lead them out of the traps they are in. The others who do not cry out for deliverance will succumb to greater and more vile abominations.

Because you are living in times of iniquity abounding, you must take special efforts to keep yourselves clean and not be defiled by the world and the powers of the same. Remember that this fleshly realm is ruled by the devil and his demons, and they are ever seeking to destroy. They do this through many tactics that they use to contaminate souls and bring them into captivity. It is not My intention that My people would live in captivity. It is My intention that My people would be alert and alive in Me and uplifted in the clear light that I provide for them to be guided by.

Thank Me this day that through repentance unto My Son Jesus you can and will be made clean and enabled to walk in the way that I provide, which is the highway of holiness. Essentially, My people are not meant to pattern themselves after the vileness and corruption of the world’s people. They are meant to pattern themselves after Me, the One who is the author and the finisher of their faith.

Do not ever be envious of the wicked, for to do so is to believe in the lies of the devil and his demonic forces. Thank Me even this day that you can believe and receive of Me as your Maker and the One who has given you the Holy Spirit to lead and guide you in the truth that you are intended to walk in. Be glad even this day for the reality of My mercies to you and continue as a steadfast people, ever partaking of that which is pure and holy.

Multitudes who claim to be Mine are a shame to My Name because they are feeding off of the uncleanness of the world and the same is defiling them. Why should you be defiled and degraded when you can indeed be uplifted and filled with the beauty of My kingdom? Yielding yourselves unto Me will cause you to see clearly just how deadly the ways of sinful living really are.

Those who have been blinded by the world and the deceptiveness of the same will go in the way of the degradation and be damned. It is really a tragic thing for souls to be damned, for they take on the coverings that will utterly ruin them. They cause their offspring and their generations to be contaminated by the choices they make for uncleanness.

Be thankful each and every day that you are not damned but rather have been saved by the blood of My Son Jesus and washed from the filthiness of your fleshly lusts. Therefore, do not return again to the bondage that once held you in captivity and slavery. Be glad even now that I uphold you and lead you forth by a plain path and give to you the abundance of mercies that I provide unto My own. There is every reason to be rejoicing when you have been redeemed and made free to live for My kingdom. You are not to live for the world, for the same is corruption and all manner of uncleanness.

In the midst of this wicked and perverse generation and corrupt nation, be walking uprightly in Me as the One who is giving unto you the kingdom goodness here on earth. Be true to your commitment unto Me, in the sense that you do not choose to cheat Me of what belongs to Me, which is essentially your lives. I expect that My people would remain true to Me and thankful each day that I am the One who has purposed them to love, to live, and to give the true witness of the elevated state of My kingdom. How many there are who have established themselves at the thrones of their false gods and delusional concepts, only to find that those gods and the concepts of the same are lies.

It is ridiculous to be spiritually slothful and in that indolence lose out with Me as your Maker, your Creator. Be diligent in seeking Me and walking in the counsel that I provide for you each and every day, for to do so will give you the godly wisdom that is superior to the wisdom of mere men and women. Realize that there is the continual war for souls that is being fought in the spiritual dimension, and you are not intended to be losers. Rather, you are intended to rise up in the victorious conquest that I give to you and be celebrating the victories that are achieved in the same.

It is Me the Living God who has good things intended for My people as they remain true to Me, and it is Me who will show unto them in how many ways I bless them. It is a good thing to live in blessedness rather than under the curses that are rendered to the rebellious and resentful who want only to have their own ways. Thank Me even this day that I am the One who is leading and guiding you forth by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.