Feasting on Violence, Bloodshed, and Murder Brings Death Prematurely to Multitudes

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is very much a tragedy when blood is shed and multitudes die for no good reason. You are living in such times and there are multitudes who are dying because they are murdered. The numbers who die as the consequence of murder are rising daily. This is because violence is sweeping throughout the land and hatred is the common way of life.

Because multitudes have feasted on the exhibitions of murder and the corruption that leads to the same, there is a complete lack of respect for human life. How is it that youth are taking it upon themselves to kill men, women and children who have no defenses against them? It is because of the undercurrents that are ever present, motivating murder and causing death that is premature and tragic.

It has never been My intention that such an outrageous disrespect for life would be among humans, yet it is. This is because men, women and children have been the subjects of those evil forces that make them think it is okay to murder. Yet, the purpose or motive for their actions is never really clear, as they are deranged by the influences that control them. I have intended that humanity would live in peace and walk according to My dictates, that their lives would be long and peaceful.

Quite obviously, this is not what is happening, for multitudes are in the throes of fear, and violence is commonplace. How often it is that violence and murder take place and none was expecting the same. Children are oftentimes the victims, as disturbed youth are arming themselves and killing in their outrage and anger.

Consider that all of this is the signs of the times, and it is because the multitudes have abandoned themselves to the hysteria and the insanity. With the spread of violence and the shedding of innocent blood, the terror that stalks the land increases. I do not advocate the terror and the fear, but it comes because of the refusal and rebellion of multitudes against Me. I desire that you would be accepting of My way, for it is the higher way and it is the way wherein you will be kept.

I am grieved by the tragedies that occur daily and I do not intend for the many who die under the same to meet with premature death. Therefore, realize that when the wicked are in rule, many are taken down because of the wickedness that rages continually. Be thankful that you can be guided by My Spirit, not into the decadence and death that is so commonplace. My Spirit directs you in the ways that are eternal and reflective of My kingdom, so that you can be a Spirit People responsive to divine motivation and command.

Do not think that My Spirit has not ministered to even the ones who are guilty of atrocities. Know that daily My Spirit goes forth seeking for the ones who will listen and obey. The ones who ignore My Spirit will of course be motivated and controlled by evil spirits. In the tragedies that terrorize the multitudes, know that there have been forces at work that are full of evil and darkness, that delight to destroy.

Be glad to be under My Spirit and to pay heed to the same, for in that you are kept by Me. I have declared from ages past that men, women and children ought not to murder one another. However, the shedding of blood is a longtime evil that is ever present and ever advancing. Because the love for Me has diminished, many are destroying one another and loving to do so.

Please do not be listening to the demon powers that motivate such wickedness and take the souls of many into hell. When others express the demonic, refute them when you can. It is senseless and stupid to adhere to the insanity of demonic inspiration and be destroyed by the same. Therefore, continue in the way that My Spirit leads you, that you are not stained by the uncleanness of the world.

Remember, Jesus came and gave Himself as a ransom for many that they would repent and be restored unto Me. Sin has and still separates people from Me, and the more that sin is yielded to, the greater the gap of separation grows. How sad it is that the youth of today are in many instances completely godless and without respect for My dictates. These things make themselves evident when the atrocities occur.

In the aftermath of such bloodshed, few are truly repenting of their sins. In fact, they only wax bolder in the same. Be glad that you are not subject to the horror of these times, in the sense that the same controls your lives. By serving Me, you are kept from many of the tragedies and sorrows that others undergo. There is a continual war being waged by the forces of darkness that want only to kill, steal and destroy. Such forces gain more and more power as people forget about Me and consume the demonic corruption they are being fed every day.

Far too many children are being devoured in their innocence by the very forces they are allowed to feed off of by their unconcerned parents or guardians. When the control is taken by demons, the consequence is death. Therefore, be aware that without Me as the One who is in control, all manner of evil and wickedness will rule, and multitudes will be utterly consumed. I do not call you to be consumed, as you are controlled by Me.