Do Not Fear the Wicked, for I Am Superior in Power

I speak unto you this day and I say clearly that it is Me you are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing, for I alone am your Master and Lord. When it is Me that you serve, you will not be controlled by the forces of evil that are consuming multitudes and destroying them. It is imperative that you realize beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the God of righteousness and I desire My people to come forth in the same.

These are perilous times you are living in, and multitudes have chosen the darkness of their own understanding and they are therefore easily used by the forces of evil. Those things that were once marked as sin are now considered acceptable and even acclaimed. This is because the very fiber of humanity has deteriorated and multitudes are being devoured in the foolery of these days. Evildoers and the workers of iniquity are full of pride and are assuming that they rule. However, they do not, and it is Me the Living God who brings them down to expose how stupid they really are.

Therefore, when you see the evil wicked ones, do not live in fear of them, for they are the representatives of their father, the devil. Know that the force of darkness is not the ultimate power. It is Me the Living God who is the ultimate power, and I remain triumphant throughout the ages. When people choose My way, then they are delivered from the powers of darkness. They are guided by My Holy Spirit in the way which is righteousness revealed and they are kept in the same.

Every day, you will hear more and more of the atrocities that are being committed and of the violence and death that are the consequence of the same. This is because far too many have abandoned to the influences of the evil forces and consequently are being motivated unto more and more wickedness. Consider the mass murder that takes place under the name of medical procedure. Then is it any wonder that today’s youth find nothing repulsive about violence and murder?

When the elders do not stand for righteousness, how can the youth be guided except into a ditch? So many have given themselves over unto the warped mindset that is put forth by the media monsters who love the control they exercise over the multitudes. While all of this is transpiring, it seems as though many are being swept away in the murky flood waters of sin that have taken multitudes down. However, remember that I am the One who is invincible, and if you adhere to My standards, then you are kept in the righteousness of the same and given the truth each day.

It is indeed a blessed thing to know that My Son is your Savior and that you are not alone in this sin-sick world in which you now live. More and more, you will see how much you need My Holy Spirit’s guidance each and every day, because in the same there is safety.

When persons are taking a trip and they pay no attention to the signs that are given to guide them, chances are they will never reach their intended destination. So it is with My people, that they are meant to pay heed to the signs that I give them. Then they may reach their destinations and be rejoicing in the same.

Yes, you will hear more and more of the ranting and raging of the wicked who believe the very lies they tell so freely. Yet, as you remain in Me, you have the insight to refuse, rebuke, and refute such lies, for they are not intended for you to listen to. It is Me the Living God that you are meant to pay heed unto day by day, and it is Me the Living God who guides you forth by a plain path. Therefore, be rejoicing repeatedly as you follow the mind of the Holy Spirit and see the victory that is found in the same.

Do not let your confession be one of defeat, for as you remain in Me you are not defeated, nor are you the victims. I call you to be possessed by the power of the Holy Spirit and to be guided and commanded by the same. Know of a surety that all of the intentions that I have for My people are for their enrichment and edification in My way. Be cleaving unto that way and coming forth as the people who reflect My kingdom. You are called to be the spirit people who are living in and proclaiming the higher kingdom that is intended for all who will hear and obey.

Be aware that the devil has been a murderer from the beginning, as well as a liar. Do not be his victims. Rather, be the victorious, triumphant spirit people that I have destined you to be. You are not to succumb to the lies of the liar in any degree, for you are meant to remain under My truth and the light of the same.

How important it is that you follow on the in pathway that is narrow and do not listen to the input of demon spirits. Rather, let your attention be to My Spirit which leads you into all truth. It is a privilege to serve Me with all of your hearts and to know that you are indeed being kept and guided by Me each and every day.

Thank Me that you can be kept in the midst of an evil and perverse generation and that in such keeping you will be enabled to call out to the multitudes perishing. In that call you can adjure them to repent unto Jesus and to receive Him as Savior and allow Him to be their Lord. Let them see by your example that the way that I give is the superior way, for it is of My kingdom, which remains forever.

The kingdom powers of men and women are transitory and can easily be cast down, but My kingdom shall never be destroyed. With the attitude of gratitude each day, serve Me as your Master.