Fear Bondage Is Not for True Believers

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who delights to keep you from the fear of the enemies, because I am the One who is able to do so. Therefore, be aware that while the wicked have spread themselves as though they remain forever, they do not. Know of a surety that it is Me the Living God who will enable you and keep you strong in the days when fear is stalking the land and even the globe.

On every hand, you do and will hear reports of things that will strike terror in the hearts of men and women as well as children. There are those who are not able to shake the fear that holds them in captivity. This is because they are listening to the raging and ranting reports of those who are declaring the fearful things that are being threatened by the wicked.

I do not call My people to be in bondage to fear. I call My people to be in faith and trust in Me as the One who uplifts them into the realms wherein I abide, that they can be kept in the safety that I provide. Consider how much the devil battles against your minds to destroy you and bring you to ruination and devastation. Likewise, be aware that I have given to you all that you need to overcome his devices and his demons.

My people can indeed hide themselves in Me, for I am ever available to them to keep them in the ark of safety that is found in Me. When My people will be attentive to My Holy Spirit instruction, they can be kept in the secret place that I provide. The wicked think somehow that they are invincible; but know they are deceived. It is Me the Living God who can easily pierce them through and bring them down to the ruination that they so justly deserve. When I vindicate Myself upon the wicked, people will see the same and rejoice, for the wicked will run like rats if they are able to do so.

Some of them will end in the obvious death that reflects My hatred for their evil deeds and their pursuit of wickedness. Those who remain of the coven of evildoers will run like the rats they are, seeking to hide themselves. However, know that they do not get by, because it is Me the Living God who sees the deeds of all mankind and no one is able to hide from Me. Because of what I will do against the wicked, many will be stirred to faith in Me as the God who is truly just and whose glory does remain.

Be glad that it is Me that you can trust yourselves unto, for I am the One who is indeed well able, and I am the One who cares for your souls. Therefore, do not be weary in well doing, for I will show you over and over, as you continue in this earthly journey, how much I really keep you under the shadow of My wings. You do not need to be as those who live daily under the paralyzing fears that stalk throughout the earth. You can live in the quiet confidence that I give to all who believe, trust, and hope in Me as the high tower of strength and safety.

Know that the reign of the wicked does not last forever as they would imagine, for they are brought down by My power and rendered helpless and useless. Then their remains are blown unto the wind, for all they have sought to achieve is useless. Thank Me that you do not need to adhere to their rhetoric and be terrified by the same, because when they are in hell they will be under the torments of the damned and their own words will return to haunt them.

I am not mocked, and when mere carnal men and women think they are all powerful, I will mock them in the pride that makes them have such outrageous imaginations as they do. Do not adhere to their stupidity and the nonsense of the same. Rather, adhere to Me as the One who guides you forth by a plain path and directs your steps each and every day. I am the One who is ever present and I do not forsake the ones who desire Me.

Knowing these things, be glad that I am the One who is your God, your Maker, your refuge, and your strength. You are privileged that you do not need to follow after vain persons. Know you can follow after Me, for I am always ever present to those who trust that I am able. Therefore, in this wicked generation be glad that you are not living in the terrible terrors that so many are in because they are following vain and proud persons.

When you truly consider how much I show My mercies unto you, thank Me for the same. I never intended that you would be overwhelmed and consumed. I have intended that you would be uplifted and brought forth in the ark of safety that I give unto My own. There is every reason to be glad and give the thanks unto Me, for I do not leave you in the desperation of darkness that is so common in these times. I bring you forth in the light, the life, and the love that inspires the hope you can live in day by day.

Make up your minds to keep stayed, to keep steady, to keep alive in Me, for I am the One who desires you to be uplifted and made glad. Therefore, do not be wearied by worry. Rather, be rejoicing in the redemption that you have through My Son Jesus Christ. Know that the times are changing and I am in control, and while many fall down under the reign of terror, you can be kept in the peace I provide.

Likewise, when people have refused Me as the One they fear, then I turn them over to the terrors and the fears that control their every thought and action. I am not giving such punishments to the ones who trust Me, but such is given to the ones who are deserving of the same. Do not live in sadness. Instead, live in gladness because I am your Master and Lord.