The Media Has Many Unseen Forces of Evil Taking Possession over Many

Today I ask you to be honest and to allow My Spirit to evaluate you that you see what has you in possession. There are so many unseen forces, and those forces can take possession in you without you even being aware of the same. That is what happens and has happened to multitudes and caused them to end in hell because they yielded themselves to the unseen forces. Because of the advancing control of the media, much of this possession takes place without the awareness of those who are the victims of the same.

Therefore, gird up the loins of your minds and refuse to be yielding to every force that would seek to overtake you. Be aware that you are not called to be subject to the demon powers that rule this age. You are meant to be subject unto Me. That means that you must keep yourselves attentive to My Spirit, for the same is given to be your guide. The Holy Spirit will command you in the way that I ordain, that you are not overwhelmed by the forces of darkness. Remember such forces are roaming about, looking to infiltrate and dominate in the lives of any and all.

Sadly enough, My own people have grown lazy and by the same they have become hazy in their vision and purpose. In such conditions, they become easy targets for the demonic powers that infiltrate them and take control of their minds and bodies. Before too long, they are no longer absorbed in My agenda, for they have given themselves over to the agenda of the wicked one and it is the same that they yield unto.

All the while, My Spirit is pleading with them to separate from such nonsense and return to Me as their Master. However, because of their own lust, they yield to the possession process without remorse or regret. Such become a sorrow to Me, for they have departed from the way that is life and gone after the way that is death.

There are many who are opposing My Spirit and the move of the same in this time, who once were My people. Yet, because of their own spiritual slothfulness, they abandoned to greediness and lust, as the demon powers pressed in on them. In the process, possession of their lives evolved, before they even were conscious of what was happening to them.

When you see them in their opposition powers, know that they are under the possession of demons in their critical evaluations and summations regarding My Spirit. By yielding to demons, they have become haters of My Holy Spirit. In the same, they make hateful and undermining remarks about the Holy Spirit and scoff those who are bowing to the My Spirit. In some instances, the possession they are under by the hateful spirits will cause them to rile up and become violent towards My true followers.

Do not be shocked, because the agenda of the wicked one remains the same, and that is to kill, steal, and destroy. The evil demons that do the infiltration and domination work of possessing people will use their victims to any extent that they can. When you hear of mass murders being committed, oftentimes those individuals who do such things are controlled by outside forces that have come into them and taken possession.

This is why it is so important to pay heed to what you are possessed by. When you are not attentive to My Spirit, you can easily end in a ditch from which you cannot escape. Consider the multitudes in these times who are living under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Think how they often commit acts of corruption under the auspices of the same. Drug and alcohol-induced acts of violence, rape and murder are the common activities that come from being possessed.

Because of the mind alteration that takes place, such persons as are under possession are found guilty of many atrocious criminal actions. By being made aware of My powers, you can see that I give you mercy every single day because I have given you My Holy Spirit to guide you forth. When you are guided by My Spirit, you are being led in the way that is beautiful and the way that is eternal life.

When you hear of terrible works of wickedness, do not feel that you are above such things. The only way that you have ascended above such terrible things is by abiding in Me. Realize that the carnal hearts of mankind are exceedingly wicked, and that under the wrong influences any can do the deeds of iniquity.

Do not grow proud when you see evil transpiring, but realize that it is Me who has brought you up out of the mire and it is Me who keeps you each day. I have intended that My people would live and abide in Me at all times. Therefore, when you see the ones who have grown lazy, admonish them to remember that it is Me they are intended to serve and not the demon powers that are attempting to possess them. Realize that you can literally call some to repentance and they will hear and obey.

When you are alert, I will show you those ones who are allowing possession to overtake them and turn them aside from Me. As My Spirit directs, be willing to encourage such ones to repent and return to Me and to live their lives in subjectivity to Me and not demon forces that will motivate them to the activities of death.

Be glad even this day that you can serve Me with gladness and rejoicing, for I am the One who bears rule over you. Make it your goal to be possessed by My Holy Spirit, that you are directed and guided in the life eternal.