The World Is Full of Violence, Murder, Uprisings, War, and Overthrow of Nations

This day, be aware that it is Me the Living God who through the ministry of the Holy Spirit searches the hearts of all humanity. As the Spirit finds those who are hungering for My righteousness and crying out for change, so do I send messengers to such ones. Be thankful that when I sent My messengers forth for you, you listened and came into Me through repentance unto Jesus Christ, My Son.

While there are multitudes who live and die and then perish in their sins, be glad even now that you have been redeemed from the penalty of your sins and that you are not held accountable before Me for the same. It is My desire for you to be fully aware of the consequences of choices, that you would continue to choose My way and not fall prey to the ways of sin that are so abundant in these times.

The waves of darkness that are sweeping over the land are due to the refusal of multitudes to walk My way. They are busy with their sinful activities and unclean motivations. As you know, the world is full of violence and murder as well as upheaval, war, and overthrow of nations. Likewise, humanity is filled with greediness, covetousness, and they are being consumed by the lusts of the flesh.

In times such as these, men, women, and children are trusting in their own hearts, and by the same they are grossly deceived and taken in the way of the wayward. Rebellion and resentment towards Me and My righteousness are escalating every day. Because of the attitudes of hatred towards Me, many of My true people are viciously persecuted and prosecuted. It is indeed an eye opener to see how degraded humans have become, yet they hold tightly to their sins, refusing repentance.

Know of a surety that there have been generations long gone who refused repentance and grew vile in their behaviors. I have indeed dealt out My wrath, fury, and indignation against them, and they are in hell for the treachery of their doings. You can see if you open your eyes that I am punishing this present generation for the treachery of their deeds, and they are being experienced in My wrath, fury, and indignation being poured forth upon them.

Do not walk in the ways of the godless who follow their own evil hearts and imagine they may do as they please. While they are so vainly puffed up in their own understanding, they are headed down the slippery slopes that end in damnation of their souls. In their self-assurance as to how great they are, they are cursing their generations by their choices to continue on in their sins and the utter wickedness they find pleasure in.

Those who do not consider the consequences of their behavior are literally fools. They have been blinded by the god of this world and by their own pride and self-conceit. Fat and flourishing in the fleshly lusts, they live as though there is no life hereafter. The consequences of their choices are deadly not only to themselves but to their generations. Why do people continue to relish sin and the darkness that accompanies the same? It is because they are lovers of self.

Do not think more highly of yourselves than you ought to think. Rather, be aware that it is Me the Living God who cares for your souls and the destination of the same. When you see how utterly depraved and vile humans become when they refuse Me in their lives, know that I am your ark of safety and that it is Me who cares for you. Therefore, be glad for the privilege that you are given to walk in the newness of life and to be transformed by the same, that you are not destined to be damned.

Of course, the wicked doers believe the lies of the liar, for they are his children and they are preferring to live in lies. The ones who are under such a cursed covering will only wax bolder and more vile in their actions as time progresses. Therefore, do not think it a strange thing to see that I am deeply angered by them and I will not tolerate them forever. Rather, I will show that I hate their evil doings because they are abomination before Me.

When My Holy Spirit shows to you your sins, do not resent nor resist the obvious need that you have of repentance. Be quick to turn from those things that are revealed as sin and turn totally unto Me in sorrow for the sins that you have committed. Sad to say, multitudes are proud of their sins and receive recognition and acclaim for the same. Then they go on to gain fame and monetary gain for their rebellion.

Better to be right with Me than to make gain from rebellion. Accept My mercies with gladness and rejoicing. It is by Me that you are brought up and out of the prison house of sin that you were in, and shown the light, the love, the life that I give. As you choose My provision daily, so are you enlightened and encouraged in the way that is eternal blessedness. Those who are willing to be cleansed in body, heart and soul will find their peace in Me and they will be instructed and guided daily by My Holy Spirit.

Thank Me that you are not alone but that you are given all that you have need of to continue in the way that is My mercy and My truth. It is by Me that the hope is found in the time of great hopelessness and despair. There is no reason to be despairing; there is every reason to be rejoicing. Know that you are not alone, for My presence is ever with the upright.