The Shallow Believers Delight to Deviate from My Way

Be rejoicing this day, My people, to be redeemed. It is by mercy that you have been spared from eternal damnation and given the great salvation that is found through Jesus Christ, My Son. When you realize that He is the glorious, the infinite, the tender and compassionate good shepherd, then you are thankful to be brought into the flock of fellow believers. To be redeemed from the penalty of your sins is the privilege that is given because you are trusting and believing in Jesus, My Son.

The times you are in are indeed full of uncertainty because multitudes have chosen to walk after the stupidity and darkness that rules the world. Multitudes of those who should be serving Me are serving vanity, vexation and pride, all to their own destruction. I do not call you to such a trap, snare and entanglement. I call you to the glorious light that is found as you follow the Holy Spirit’s commands. I have given you the Holy Spirit to guide you forth in the pathway of light, and you are intended to remain in the same.

There are many who are shallow in their commitment unto Me, as they are easily led astray and actually delight to deviate from My way. Such ones as these are full of inward deception, for they are not willing to face the truth and walk in the same. They trust in their own hearts rather than My way.

I do not call you to be in the darkness which is overtaking this nation and the world at this time. I call you to be children of the light, because you are born of incorruptible seed and you are given the strength to be walking in the way that I have ordained. Of course, you can see that this is the time when much ugliness and unrighteousness is being revealed, because of the wickedness that many pursue. When men and women prefer darkness to the light, it is because their deeds are evil.

I have not called you to be a partaker of evil, nor of wickedness. I have called you to come forth in the joy of My presence and the power of My Name. Be glad even now that it is Me that you serve, as I am the One who protects and keeps you. This is the time of pretenders, who are speaking as though they love Me, yet they do not. They are loving the wicked one and choosing the corruption of the same. While they deceive many, they do not deceive Me, for I see their deeds of wickedness, as nothing is hidden from Me. Fools they are who think their iniquities are hidden from Me.

Therefore, because of the outright hypocrisy of the multitudes in these times, do not fall prey to their coverings. Men and women who should be behaving in ways pleasing unto Me are instead living in outright sin and all manner of ungodliness, yet they are speaking as though they are serving Me. Those who are truly serving Me will not be as the fools who parade themselves in the ways of the world, nor will they be rushing to drink of the wine of worldliness. Rather, they will walk in soberness, realizing that the multitudes as well as the leaders are full of drunkenness and the uncleanness that accompanies the same.

So many have returned to eat of the vomit of the very sins that made them so sick they cried out to Me. They return to the very same things that were corruption and think that to do so is okay. This is because they actually love the things that will kill them and end their souls in hell. When they depart from Me, they become worse than they were before salvation. This is because they have rejected and rebelled against My life. How obviously stupid their choices are, for they have gone a whoring from Me and delight to wallow in the mire of sin.

Be thankful that you have been delivered from the former lifestyle and the chains of the same. Those who were your companions in such wretchedness think it strange that you do not run with them to the same excesses of corruption. Testify to them of the mercies that you have found and that it is only through Jesus that you have been given the newness of life that you now have. There are so many who are in captivity and slavery to sin, and their understanding is darkened and their behaviors are corrupt, and in the same they are perishing in the bondage that has them bound.

When you look realistically at the condition of humanity, you will see that the only hope for any is in Me. Do not give up in despair at the conditions that people are in and going down fast. Rather, be ever thankful to know that the way that I provided is available unto them if they cry out for My mercies and divine intervention. So many are physically, mentally and emotionally sin sick. Because of such sickness, they cannot free themselves of the maladies they are under. Give to them the truth and let them know that My Son Jesus is the great physician and that He can and will heal those who look to Him. He is full of tender mercies and abundant compassion, and likewise has been given the power to heal the sick.

As His representatives, you really can see the sick healed and raised to the newness of life that is found in Jesus, for as you will point these ones to Jesus and give testimony of His power that you experienced and still do experience in your lives, so will they be stirred to faith. Then the miracles will be evidenced as their faith meets with His power and transformation takes place.

Be thankful that each day the never-ending joy of My kingdom life is made available to you. Walk in the same with the power that I give and see Me prevail over sin as many come into My joy.