Those Staying in the Safe Zone Live in Spiritual Deprivation

I speak unto you this day, encouraging you to be experienced in Me. Too often, those who claim they love Me refuse to be led by My Holy Spirit that they can become experienced in Me as their Lord and Master. Instead, they are bystander believers who would rather simply think about Me rather than experience Me. Those who do such are a shame to Me, because they are not choosing the way that I have intended for them.

It is My intention that My people would experience Me as their Lord and Master. That comes by following the commands of the Holy Spirit rather than staying in the so-called “safe zone.” Those who choose such a way are choosing the course wherein they are living in the false securities of their own understanding.

Basically, those who have refused to really experience Me are people who by their own withdrawal from following the Holy Spirit have cut themselves off. While they imagine that they are staying in the safe zone, they are literally living in spiritual deprivation. They are deprived of the spirit life, while they are catering to the flesh and the lusts of the same. These ones are guilty before Me of quenching the Spirit while feeding the flesh.

Many of the ones who esteem themselves to be great theologians are of this category, for they have refused the work of the Spirit in their lives, while they promote their own knowledge. Such as these hinder the move of the Spirit upon the ones who are hungering for the same. They do this because they are proud and want the glory to be given to them rather than Me.

Those who have chosen to exalt themselves in this manner will not be honored by Me. This is because they have chosen the “pride of knowledge” and are vainly puffed up by the same. They find their securities in their great so-called knowledge and not in My truth and My light.

When you see the ones who are achieving great “religious” careers, know that often times their hearts are far from Me. This is because they prefer the safety of their own understanding while they are claiming to love Me. Those who love Me will follow My Spirit and be more than bystander believers. They will experience Me in their own lives and be able to bear witness of the same. Those who have experienced Me are rejected by the world and scoffed and mocked by the safe-zone worldly church goers.

As true believers, do not expect for the world to love you. They will not. Rather, expect that they will hate you and say all manner of evil against you, as they are fueled by the self-appointed religious pretenders. These pretenders, much like the religious of Jesus’s pilgrimage on earth, hate the truth and desire to do away with the same. This means that their goal is to murder the true messengers that they cannot proclaim the experience of knowing Me and following wheresoever My Spirit leads.

As true disciples, you are expected to follow, to believe, and to receive the experiences that I intend for you. This is so that you can bear witness of the same to those who are hungry and thirsty for the spiritual life. This is the life that only comes through allowing My Spirit to move, and following the same.

Be glad that you are not bound in the prison houses of religion and false security whereby souls are in captivity. I do not call you to be captives. I call you to be enlightened and encouraged in My way, which is the way eternal and everlasting.

The more that you will humble yourselves and receive the leading and guiding of My Spirit, the more that you will be brought forth in the truth that you are meant to walk in. As you are willing to experience the purity of My Spirit’s move upon you, so are you strengthened in the same.

Be aware that I do not call you to vanity and pride, which are vexation to My Spirit. Likewise, be thankful that you do not have to follow vain persons. Instead, you can follow Me and be uplifted in the blessedness that I give to those who seek to please Me.

Do not be withholding praise, honor, and glory from Me, for I am your Creator and your Father and the One who cares for you. It is My intention that you, through experiencing Me, would become My sons and daughters and live in the eternal habitations wherein I do abide.

Do not seek for the false securities and worry yourselves about acceptance by the ones who are making their own way, for they are fools. Rather, seek to be found acceptable unto Me as your Master and Lord. Those who are truly followers will be experienced in Me and knowing that the same is the true kingdom life, and they will be glad to partake of the life. Be rejoicing this day, for I am the One who bears rule over you and you are privileged to experience Me as you follow the Holy Spirit’s guiding counsel.

When you consider how many perish because they yield to the evil spirits and experience the depths of depravity, what a waste of their lives. These ones are damned if they do not repent and turn from the control of evil spirits. I have given My Son for the captives to believe in and be set free. However, if their deeds are darkness, they will choose the evil spirits above My Holy Spirit and be damned in the same.

Do not hesitate to experience and bear witness of the light, the love, the life that are found in Me. Let the reality of relationship be what you desire and aspire to achieve. Do not be a bystander believer. Be among those who are thankful to be experiencing Me day by day and being transformed by their experiences in Me.