Be Thankful that You Are Not in the Grotesque Ugliness of Sin and Darkness

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say: Be blessed, because you are Mine and I love you. There is no reason this day to feel as though you are rejected, for you are not. Instead, be thankful that you are loved by Me and able to partake of the sweetness and the goodness of My enduring and everlasting love. It is a good thing to know that I am the One who is ever available and always wanting to show you that you are loved by Me.

In these times when the enemies of My kingdom have spread themselves out in proud array, do not forget that you are not subject to them, because you belong to Me, the Living God who is omnipresent. There are times when you will undergo sufferings because you are identified with My Son Jesus. However, in that suffering you will see that My mercies are ever available. That is because you are My people and I am your God.

When you see the darkness that has engulfed multitudes, be thankful that you are not in the grotesque ugliness of the same. Rather, you can be uplifted and brought forth by Me in the glorious light that I provide for you. Thank Me even this day for the light that is manifest through Me to those who are desirous of My light upon their paths. It is simply stupidity to believe the lies of the wicked one when you could believe in Me as your Maker and your Master. Therefore, do not be busy listening to the workers of darkness, for they only wax bolder in the same.

Instead, be emboldened by My Spirit to proclaim My light to such a darkened people as you see everywhere in these times. There are multitudes of them who have come to destructive devastation and are on the brink of damnation. Over and over, you will see that it is only through Me that the light, life and love are to be found every day.

Be thankful that you can see Me as the One who is with you. Remember that it is only through Me that light has come into the world. When My Son Jesus came into the world bringing light, His own people received Him not. This is because of the evil coverings that were over them by those who claimed to be My messengers.

Beware the false messengers, for they are present in great abundance in these times and they are proclaiming to be the way wherein multitudes are meant to walk. However, they are deceivers who lead the unsuspecting into the trap and entanglement of darkness and death. When you see how much deception they spew forth, do not be shocked, for it is their delight to captivate souls and take them into the prison houses of sin. It is not My intention that men, women and children would be engulfed in the darkness that is increasing daily.

Such darkness multiplied is because of the advancement of iniquity which is abounding on every hand. Unfortunately, much of this transpires because many of those who claim to be My people have abandoned themselves to the ways of uncleanness and are worldly. I do not intend that My people would be full of darkness, but rather that they would separate themselves from the same and walk uprightly in the way that is the highway of holiness and righteousness. Be thankful today that you are called to serve Me with all that you are, because you are privileged to be redeemed.

When you look upon My Son, you will be uplifted in the joy that He alone brings, because He is indeed the One who has given Himself that you could be redeemed. Not only have you been redeemed from the penalties of your sins, but you have been given the opportunity to walk in the newness of life that is given to you.

Likewise, you are privileged to know that I am indeed the One who desires you restored to My House as My sons and daughters. My only begotten Son Jesus is and will always be the first born, which means that He has opened the way for you to partake of divine adoption into My house.

In essence, you are to partake daily of the absolute goodness that I give, because it is My intention for you each and every day. Far too many look upon darkness and give themselves over to the same because of spiritual slothfulness and unwillingness to continually walk with Me as the Master of their souls. Be glad even this day that you are not called to live there, but you can live in Me, for I am caring for you each day. The more that you are respecting Me as your Master, the more you are enlightened to receive that which I have for you.

It is in My original intention towards humanity that My people would be in communion with Me each day. Yet, when they are abandoned to the desolation and darkness of the world, they are offensive unto Me. I know what it is that men, women and children do every single day, and I am the One who sees it all. Therefore, I am not deceived by the hypocrites who put on their vain shows, only to be damned in the end. Nor am I pleased with the ones who teach the falsehoods of damnable heresies such as “gain is godliness.”

Rejoice even today that you are partakers of My goodness, My sweetness and My mercies, for in the same is My life given to you in great abundance. It is stupidity to turn to idols when you are intended to be uplifted, directed and guided by My Holy Spirit, which is ever present with you and desires you kept in My way, which is eternal life.