False Messiahs Lead People into Foolery and Vanity

Be glad this day that you have been given the opportunity to be born again of incorruptible seed by believing in and trusting Jesus Christ to become your Savior and Lord. When you are truly born again of incorruptible seed, then you are enabled to live in the newness of life that is found through Me, the One who is caring for you continually. As you respect Me as your God, then you will desire to walk uprightly and not be deviating to the ways of the world, which are corruption.

Being born into My kingdom means that you abandon the former lifestyle with the lusts and greed that accompany the same. Then it is that you adhere to the principles that I have put before you, and you seek to walk, to live, to serve in the same with gladness and rejoicing each day. The new life means just that you enter into a way that you have not walked before, and in the same you are being transformed into the glorious image of My Son Jesus, who died to give you the life you now can live.

At this time, there are many “false messiahs” who are declaring that their way is the right way and that all should walk therein. However, to walk in such ways is to walk in foolery and vanity and to be overwhelmed by the same. How and why people choose such, is simple. They are determined to follow blind guides, inasmuch as they can continue in their sins and not be ashamed or be rebuked for the sins they indulge themselves in.

It has never been My desire for men and women to live in sin. Yet, because of the original sins of Adam and Eve, sin is inbred in humankind. When you see the ones who are consumed of sin, know that they are choosing the ways of worldliness above the way of godliness and righteousness revealed. How important are the choices that men and women make each and every day, for in the same they are choosing either death or life.

Many who act as though they choose My life only do so when they are under great pressure and are frightened by the same. They cry out to Me and I answer them, but they do not thank Me, by their choices to live in worldliness after they receive mercy from Me. Their actions do not display gratitude but rather the attitude of selfishness. Do not choose to live selfishly. Rather, choose to live in abandonment unto Me as the One true God who guides you forth by a plain path and gives to you mercy.

There are multitudes who are found bound in the wantonness of sin because they choose the sinful way above the holy way that I provide and intend for them to adhere to. Do not be a partaker of their sins by admiring their lifestyles and imitating the same. There is only One you are intended to imitate, and that is My blessed Son, Jesus. When you are attentive to the Spirit’s commands, then you are not overwhelmed by the lust of the flesh. Instead, you are given the power to resist the temptations that would lead you into the deep ditch of despair.

Rejoice and be glad that you are given the privilege to live in the way that I intended for humanity in the beginning, before the cruelty of sin entered in and took over. I am the God who is merciful. The fake gods of human and demonic invention are dead and are therefore not capable of mercy towards anyone. In fact, they are even self-destructive, because that is the agenda they have been enticed to fulfill. Do not envy those who are bound by sins, for to do so is to live in the corruption and distress of the wickedness of their hearts and their deeds.

Ask My Holy Spirit to reveal to you the hideous ugliness of those who are bound by sin, and you will be given the panorama view of depravity and darkness. Be glad this day that you are not to go in such a way, but that you can be strengthened to go in My way, which is purity and mercy extended daily. Sin is corruption and contamination, and those who love to sin are literally loving to be destroyed and damned.

There is no reason to choose damnation; there is every reason to choose the life with Me as your eternal habitation. To live in the agonies of the damned is indeed torturous and cannot be canceled out once the same is made the final choice.

It is appointed to all humankind that this earthly journey is the choosing ground, and whether they choose Me or the ways of sin is what determines their final habitation. The lust and greed of the flesh are hideously ugly when magnified and increased by continual indulgence in sin. The “old sinners” who are hardened and sealed in their sins reflect the same, and such is indeed grotesque to behold.

Consider the beauty of My creation before men in their greed have abused and raped the same. I did not make the earth for men to defile it, yet by their sins they have proved themselves unworthy stewards. Be glad that you can be respecting the provisions that I give to you and be made glad each and every day that you can and do partake of Me as the Creator of all humankind.

As you consider that I am your Maker, be attentive and respecting Me each day. Additionally, you come into greater accountability and responsibility towards Me, the God who is righteousness revealed, and by such you are strengthened in the way that is beautiful and altogether lovely. The uncleanness of continual sin is abomination to Me and is not acceptable.