Do Not Disqualify Yourselves by Following Vanity and Pride

I speak to you My people and I say: Be rejoicing in the goodness that I give to you each and every day, for it is Me the Living God who delights to show forth My goodness to all of those who will put their trust in Me as the One they are meant to serve with gladness and rejoicing each day. When you consider all of the things that I have done and likewise do for you each day, do not grow weary in well doing. Rather, continue to know that in the enduring of your trials you come forth purified and made clean.

Obviously, not all who are called are chosen, and that is because they do not continue to follow Me as the One they are meant to please. Instead, they find reasons to disqualify themselves from what it is that I intend for them to walk in, and they go off to follow after vanity and pride. When they do this, many of them become the enemies of people who are continuing in the way that I have ordained. Some get so consumed of the devil that they literally take themselves down the dreary, dreadful road of damnation, all the while trying to kill the truth and the messengers of the same.

When you see the utter darkness that has brought many to ruination, realize that they are foolish children who have gone after folly, and in the same they are completely reprobate. Why do so many choose against Me and the way that I have purposed for them to be guided in? It is simply because they love themselves and they do not love Me.

Of course, it has been foretold that in these times men and women would be lovers of themselves rather than loving Me. These ones will choose to isolate themselves from Me and strike out in bitterness and railing accusations against My people, because they are loving themselves. It is tragic to see what becomes of them in the end, because they are fools and they are determined to have things their way.

When you see the ones who determine their hearts against Me, they are indeed darkened and they love it to be so, because in the darkness of the same they commit their evil deeds and think that they are hidden in the same. So, it is because of deception that they have walked in the way that leads to damnation.

Be aware that I the Living God do not call men and women to damnation. I call them to salvation. Those who choose damnation do so of their own accord and will pay forever for their stupidity and dumbness in obeying the lower nature and the enemy’s demands. You are not called to go after darkness. You are called to come forth in light. Because you have chosen salvation, you are enabled to walk in the light day by day.

Be glad even now that you are the children of the light, and in that light you find the life and the love that I have prepared as My goodness poured forth. Therefore, walk in a plain path with rejoicing and celebration of the very fact that you are privileged to be redeemed and restored to fellowship with Me through the Holy Spirit, who is ever present with you.

Many there are who do not fully appreciate what I have provided, and some of these will give up in the times of testing and trial. They are to be prayed for, because they have fallen down along the way. Do not be despising them in the sense that they are your enemies. Rather, realize that they are worn and weary and have not looked to Me as their source. If you are given opportunity, do not hesitate to speak life unto them and encourage them to walk in My presence once again.

Of course, be prepared to see that the enemies will be encamped around them because they have been weakened and are disabled. Know that the enemies love to get to those who have stumbled and convince them they will never rise up, nor is there hope for them in Me. The lying demons want the weary ones to give up in despair. Then they can cover them in the clutches of death and destruction.

Do not for one moment think that you must back off because of the enemies who are encamped. No. Instead, reach out to those who have grown weary and weak, and minister My love, My life and My light unto them. By such, they can indeed be shown that I forgive and I desire them restored to the fold as sheep and lambs who have lost their way.

Realize that, as the One and only Heavenly Father, I am ever present to those who will cry out unto Me in their need. I hear the cries of the needy and I answer them with My mercies. It gives Me pleasure to bring the weary and the wounded home again and to show them tender care. Believe Me that I am full of compassion and yearning for those who have loved Me then strayed from the path because of the weariness of the battles they had gone through. Be knowing of a surety that there is none who is like unto Me, for I am the “I AM” God. When you see the need to show mercy, do not hold back from the same.

When you were lost and worn down by your own sins, did not I send messengers to you to point you to the Savior, My Son Jesus? How much more do I desire that those who have strayed from the fold by weariness and wounds that have not healed would be restored? I say that I long for these ones, because they have had Me in their lives to great degree and declared My kingdom to others.

Therefore, keep on the alert, and when I guide you to such ones, do not hesitate to bear witness of My mercies to them. Those who are still loving Me even in their captivity will respond to the waters of life that are given by My messengers. As they drink of the living waters, their hearts will be cleansed of defeat and their minds made clear by the washing of the Word. Thank Me that you will see miracles of restoration, as the weary are nourished by My presence and My power.