Idol Worshipers Cry to the Wind and No One Answers

I speak unto you this day and I say: Open your eyes to behold that this is the time of My judgment upon all nations, for I am angry with them. Yes, the nations have proven themselves to be empty and vain, full of the futility of their own ways, going after emptiness and futility.

Be aware that I do not call you to the wrath that I am openly displaying at this time. Rather, I call you to My mercy and My goodness, for it is Me, the Living God, who is well able to display My mercies to the ones who are looking unto Me as their refuge, the high tower of strength and safety. When you see what becomes of the nations, do not be shocked or taken aback, for it is Me who raises nations up and likewise brings them down.

Therefore, know that it is Me, the Living God, who has intention to show forth to the sin-sickened world that I give to My people the better way, wherein they are kept in the safety that I alone do provide. Be glad even now that you can look to Me as the One who cares for you. When you stay true to Me and the way that I provide, you will see that I am the Almighty God who reign supreme.

Consider that those who worship idols are crying out to the wind and there is no help for them. They are alone, even though they cry unto their idols. Their idols are dumb and they are deaf, unable to hear. Thank Me that I am able to hear, see and speak to My people. In the times that you are in, My Holy Spirit is ever with you, to guide you forth by a plain path and direct your steps in the way that is prepared for you. Be thankful that you have the ever present guide in the form of the Holy Spirit to keep you shielded and protected each and every day.

When you see the utter desolation of those who are worshiping idols, be serving Me in the attitude of gratitude, for you are not desolate, nor are you destined to be damned. As you are aware that I am bringing My wrath upon the nations, do not hesitate to give the praise unto Me that you are My holy tribal nation, called to be ruled by Me. The nations that are under My wrath, fury and indignation are ruled by the devil, inasmuch as the leaders of such nations are fools blinded and led by pride.

It is a horrid thing to behold the utter ruination and devastation that befalls those who follow blind guides and are likewise guided into the ditch of deep despair, desolation and eventual damnation. You are privileged to be guided by Me as the One who cares for you. My Holy Spirit is ever present with you and does guide you in the righteousness of who I am, that you can indeed be kept each and every day. Do all that you can to serve in obedience, that you are kept in the pathway of My peace while the nations of the world are at war one with another and there is abundance of violence and bloodshed.

War among nations causes much distress and sorrow to the common people, who have nothing to do with the politics and ambitious pride of the leaders who see themselves as invincible gods whose power and glory are forever. Such leaders bring not only their nations into ruination, but they bring the citizens into many sorrows and distresses.

Therefore, do not give yourselves over to the political games of this age, for to do so is foolishness and the pursuit of vain persons. I have called you and chosen you to represent Me and the kingdom wherein I abide, eternal in the heavenly dimensions. By notifying others of the heavenly kingdom, you let them know that there is life after this one, and that if they choose My Son they are given the opportunity to enter into and remain in that kingdom.

However, the reality remains that if they choose against My heavenly kingdom, they are choosing the way that will take them into destruction, death and damnation. Because of their blindness, many of them will fight to defend the very snares that they are entangled in, as though the same were worth defending. Remember, the agenda of the wicked one and his demonic forces has never changed. “Kill, steal and destroy” is the lifelong motto, which changes not with every new generation.

When My anger has been kindled by the wickedness of evildoers, do not be surprised when you see them brought low and humbled by their own choices against Me. Those who are too proud to repent will be devastated in this life and will undergo the agonies of the damned. You are given great mercy by Me, for I do not lead you, nor does My Holy Spirit lead you in the way that is damnation of soul.

I offer salvation through My Son Jesus, and those who are willing to accept the same are led forth in the pathway that is peaceful. This is because men, women and children are at peace whenever they are not trusting in their own carnality but instead they are trusting in Me.

Thank Me for the purpose that I give you each and every day to be uplifted and shown that I am the One who is life, light and love. You are given lives that are full of mission and purpose. In the same, you are not driven by demons, but you are led by My Holy Spirit with the purpose in mind that I ordain.

Sad to say, far too many are led about by demonic forces whose goal is to steal, kill and destroy. So it is, that the nations who have forgotten Me to take up demons are led into the emptiness and futility of their choices against Me. Choose Me and live in the light, the life, the love that I so freely give to you.