It Is No Surprise to Be Evil Spoken of Because of Identity with Jesus

I speak to you this day, My people, and I say that it is Me the Living God who brings you forth in the way that I intend, the way of My Son Jesus. I have intended from the beginning that He would be the first born of many others, both male and female, who would be adopted by Me as My own. When any is born again of incorruptible seed, then they are enabled to walk in the way of the upright and to keep their first estate, which is to be found in Me as the One who cares for them.

This is the great privilege that is given, to be born again of the seed which is eternal life and to pursue the course of the same. As you follow in the way of Jesus, you will find that suffering comes your way. Do not turn back when faced with adversity. Rather, continue in the way set before you. I have not intended that My people would turn back from following in His way when the way becomes difficult. No, I have intended that My people would continue to steadily pursue the course that I have given to them to walk in, that they could and would be kept.

When you are evil spoken of, do not think that is the end of the world. It is not. You are intended to have your identity with Jesus as the One who you are meant to follow. Be glad that you are not called to follow vain persons and end up hopeless and helpless in the same. The way that I call you to walk is the way that true believers are meant to journey on all of their days.

Therefore, do not turn to the left nor the right and imagine that in the same you find safety, for you will not. Your safety is to be in looking unto Me and continuing in obedience. There is no reason to be discouraged when you can be ever hoping in Me and knowing that you are called to follow the Lamb wherever He leads.

So often, men and women allow themselves to become discouraged and defeated because they listen to the liar rather than My Holy Spirit. Then they eat the bread of defeat and think that the same is their provision. It is not intended to be their provision, but they do not discern between good and evil. Of course, the evil one is always there to offer discouragement and despair to any and all who will accept such rotted pottage.

Not always does deliverance come immediately, but it does come to any and all who keep their focus upon Me. When your hope is deferred, do not imagine that I have forgotten you. I have not. Keep ever hoping in Me and you will find that the hope I give becomes the tree of life when it comes into being. Therefore, keep on in the way that is set before you, with the hope that comes of walking uprightly in Me.

You are to continue, continue, continue, for the race is won by those who keep on running in the course set before them. When you make it your practice to endure, then you are given the strength that comes of Me. Do not give way to the rantings of the many forces that want you to quit and disobey My desire for you. Rather, gird up the loins of your minds and keep steadfastly going forward, knowing that through Me the life is to be found.

Do not be as the cowardly who look for a reason to turn back. Rather, be as the courageous who look for every reason to continue. Even the ability to be courageous is found by looking unto Me as the One who encourages you as you become weary. Remember that the strength that I give is invincible and it is meant to be received and used because it is My provision.

Just as I provided manna in the wilderness for My people, so do I provide for them now in terms of My mercies, My strength and My goodness. I do not leave you lacking but I give you such as you have need of day by day. I do not give to My people according to the greed of the lust of the flesh. Rather, I give to My people according to their need to continue in Me. Therefore, do not grow weary in well doing but continue steadfast in the way, as I am with you. I have given to you My Holy Spirit, and the same is present to uplift, to guide and direct you in My way each and every day.

Those who have turned back from Me have turned to the enemies and embraced the same as their companions. Such fools they are, for the very enemies they have embraced will delight to see them damned. Do not walk in the way of the damned. Rather, walk in the way wherein the redeemed are meant to walk. Sad to say that many turn back, only to be destroyed and devastated by their choices. Thank Me even this day that you can continue in the course that I give to you and know that the same is eternal life. Arm yourselves with the truth that you will be Mine, both here on earth and in heaven.

When you make it your resolute intention to follow Me, then you will not be found lacking. Rather, you will be filled with the divine determination that is given to the ones who choose Me above all else. There are many who have given themselves to folly, only to die and perish by the same. It is stupidity to give way to folly when you can be kept in the invincible power that I provide for you day by day.

Those who complete the course that I have set before them are the ones who will be accepted as the good and faithful servants who are worthy to enter in. As Jesus set the pattern, remember that there are of course many who are not worthy, because they have chosen the way of their own destruction.