People Are in Slavery to Their Own Carnality

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not trust in your own hearts, for they are deceitful and will lead you astray. I have given to you My Holy Spirit and the same will lead and guide you forth by a plain path, the straight and narrow way wherein you will find the life that I intend. Many are being led down the pathway of deception, and it is because they love it so. That is, they are trusting in themselves that they are righteous, when they are not.

Do not be easily ensnared by the cunning of your old carnal nature, for the same desires to rule over you once again and take you down the way that is corrupt and will end in destruction. Why should you return again to the bondage of your old nature, when you can be uplifted in the new life that is given to you through My Son Jesus Christ?

So many of those who claim they are My people are found enslaved to their own carnality and the same is darkness to their souls. When you see the ones who are outrageously flamboyant and calling attention to themselves, they are indulging themselves in the carnal lust for recognition and the blindness of pride.

I call My people to walk circumspectly, redeeming the time and knowing of a surety that it is Me they are meant to serve, to seek, to please and obey. Therefore, in this wicked generation let it be Me that you look to as the One you can trust in, and not your own hearts. Those who are trusting in their own hearts are deceived, because the carnal heart is exceedingly wicked and none can really understand the darkness that lurks in the same.

When you see the ones who do not realize the inheritance they have in darkness due to the sins of their ancestors, they do not understand the wickedness they are capable of. Know that I desire that you be aware of the warfare that exists constantly in reference to souls and likewise for your souls. The enemies desire you back in captivity and not in the freedom that I provide. Therefore, know of a surety that it is important that you keep watch over the issues of your own hearts and do not allow the lust of the flesh to entice and seduce you away from Me.

You are called to be witnesses of My kingdom and of My power. Therefore, realize that means you must walk in the light in order to reflect the light of who I am. Be glad to be in the light, love and life that come of Me, and likewise be ever ready and willing to bear witness of Me as the God who is able and who will uplift you and guide you forth by a plain path. Therefore, be glad even now that you are redeemed and that you can likewise see others brought into My fold as you bear witness of Me as the God you are meant to serve in the attitude of gratitude.

Aimless and helpless are those ones who have succumbed to the raging of their own carnality and become victimized by the god of self. Self is a beast who is never ever satisfied, and he continually and constantly takes advantage of any and all, that they act out death rather than life. Be aware of the aimless and helpless wanderers who storm through cities as those who are maddened by the pressures of self. That is, they have given way to the god of self to the extent that they are in the perpetual prison house of the same.

They have no direction, nor will they ever accept correction, because they are forever right in their own eyes. Therefore, they continue to wander aimlessly and helplessly day and night in the futility of their choices.

I have called you to the rejoicing that I alone do bring, because the Holy Spirit is ever with you to guide you in the way that I ordain. There is much that I do for you daily that goes unnoticed, as multitudes are not attentive to the mercies that are given to them day by day. Do not give yourselves over to those things that pass away and become carnally minded and consumed with lust for the things of this world that pass away.

Indeed you are privileged to walk uprightly in Me as the author and the finisher of your faith. I am the One who has given My Son Jesus to be the propitiation for your sins, and when you follow in His steps as the Holy Spirit leads, of course you are directed, instructed and guided in the plain path.

Remember that you are pilgrims passing through a strange land and this earth is not your permanent home. Be not bound by possessions nor the treasures that the world holds precious. Instead, be thankful that you are going onward in the pursuit of the treasures that remain and that are eternal. Thank Me again and again that the way that I have provided for the true disciples is the way wherein they are rewarded by Me with the eternal riches and the heavenly rewards that are kept for them in waiting.

Those who put their treasures in the “Bank of Heaven” have them stored where none can steal them or manipulate to take the treasures from them, because that which is put with Me in My abode is forever in safe keeping.

Be storing your souls with Me, as I keep all who do so. Look not to the corruption of the world as though there were anything in the same. Look to the beautiful way that I ordain and know that the same is full of richness, goodness and mercy, forever and ever.