Multitudes Are Wanderers Who Live in Hopeless Despair

I speak to you this day and I say: Rejoice that you have found new life in Me as the One who cares for your souls. You are not called to walk afar off in the darkness of your former ways. Be thankful that you can be uplifted and brought forth in the way that I give to you and that you are guided in that way.

There are endless multitudes who are wandering in these times, with nowhere to go. They are basically hopeless and drifting on the sea of iniquity till they are drowned by their own sins. Think of a life with no hope and only emptiness and despair to face every day. That is the condition that many are in during these times, and they are an extremely desolate lot.

My people are called to come forth in the way that is joy unending, and that is glorious, for when they are in that way, they are in eternal life. As My people serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, so are they easily guided by My Holy Spirit day by day. I do not desire My people to be in hopeless despair. Rather, they are to be ever hopeful because they can be directed by Me as the One who cares for their souls.

With these things in mind, be thankful this day that you are not wandering hopelessly day after day. Realize that you have been given forgiveness, and the tender mercies that I provide are available unto you.

Do not go after that which will devastate your confidence in Me. Rather, be full of faithfulness unto the truth instead of the fearfulness that the multitudes live in day by day. Of course, you are living in treacherous times, turbulent times, times of total uncertainty for the majority of persons, who are hopeless.

However, as My people, walk in the assurance that I am with you and that I will show to you the way wherein you are purposed to walk, that in obedience unto Me you are kept each day. When it is Me that you put your hope in, you are not made ashamed, for I am with you as the One who cares for you. What natural father would abandon his children and leave them in the fear and hopelessness that would accompany such abandonment? Such a father would not be considered as loving his children at all.

I am the heavenly Father, the good Father, who cares for My children and provides for and guides them. Be rejoicing even now that you are Mine. Each one of you has been given the privilege to be adopted into My divine family, and that adoption is the assurance of love, light and life. Listen to what My Spirit is saying to you, and when you do, then are you enabled to be directed and corrected, for you are led forth in the way of righteousness, the way of the redeemed.

It is outright stupidity to turn aside and wander in the futility of the devil’s directions. The demon infestation of people that is so widespread and growing worse day by day is the result of determination to disobey Me. When rebellion against Me rules anyone, then they are targets for demon infestation. Some become so infested and infected by demons that they are controlled by the spirits of darkness.

Being as you are, My people, you are meant to stay under Holy Spirit command and by the same be led in the straight and narrow pathway that is My life. In staying attentive to the Holy Spirit, you will find not only guidance but counsel likewise. Meditate upon the benefits you receive in My way as compared to the howling desolation and hopeless despair that multitudes exist under every day.

As you see the wanderers, realize that their condition of desolating despair is the consequence of rebellion, and that they are under the curses that accompany the same. Likewise, understand this: they are a plague upon this nation because this nation has rebelled against Me. More and more are added to the ranks of desolation daily because of their choices against Me. The nation of the desolated, despairing and damned has become a nemesis that none can solve. Why? Because the nation has gone after the ways of the heathen and forgotten Me.

Thank Me each day that it is Me that you can serve each and every day with the mercies that I intend for you as My children. Know that if it were not for the covering of My love, you too could be in such a state of desolation. Do not allow the enemies to convince you that your life is too hard and accept the bait of the “easy way.” Instead, refute, rebuke and refuse to be subject to the lies of the liar. As recipients of the truth, declare the same with boldness and rejoicing, for the same is liberation. Be in the liberation of the truth day by day, for you are free in Me.