Refusal to Repent Brings Many Sorrows

I speak unto you this day and I say that too often My own people have provoked Me to wrath by their misconduct which they have pursued. In such misconduct, they have made to themselves idols and worshiped the same. Likewise, they have followed a multitude of other gods and thought they could love the same. However, what they failed to realize is that I am provoked by their spiritual adulteries and will retaliate against the same through My wrath revealed.

As you consider the ups and downs of My people of old when they were under kings and prophets, they oftentimes refused to hear the words of the prophets. I sent My prophets to the kings who did evil and to the people to call them to repent and return to Me. However, because they were full of adultery for the ways of the heathen, they refused. My true prophets were often rejected and mistreated, even stoned when they called for repentance.

As it was then, so is it now, that My true prophets who are calling for repentance are often persecuted, prosecuted, imprisoned and even put to death for their declaration of the need to repent. Why do men and women hate the call to repentance that I put forth through My prophets? It is because their hearts are full of lust and their hearts are hardened against Me and My true messengers. Then, because of their mistreatment of My messengers and their refusal to repent, they bring multiplied sorrows into their own lives.

It is not Me who loves to display My wrath. It is these ones who repeatedly sin against Me and cause themselves many sorrows by their transgressions and violations. When I am repeatedly provoked, I have no choice except to punish My people for their misconduct and misbehavior towards Me. Therefore, do not think it a strange thing when you see My wrath revealed against such foolish ones even in these days. There are many leaders who are every bit as evil as the kings of old. Such leaders literally call My people to sin and transgression against Me.

When you look upon the calamities that are befalling nations at this time, consider that the nations have forgotten Me. Therefore, do not look for things to “get better” for the multitudes, for they will not. Instead, many will die in useless wars, and violence will become a way of life. My wrath will display itself upon the nations and the peoples of the same for the sins they continually commit before Me.

When people are full of darkness and iniquity, then they are taken in the way of the damned and they love it so, because they are not true and faithful unto Me. In such misconduct and misbehavior, it becomes obvious that they are blind and led by blind guides. Therefore, do not have false expectations as to their faithfulness unto Me, for there is none.

To the ones who have an ear to hear and will obey the call to repentance and live in the same, I will extend goodness and mercy. It is My pleasure to show to My people the way wherein they are meant to walk and to please Me in and by the same. Therefore, be glad even today that you can choose My way and be kept even in the midst of the storms that rage. Do not neglect to recognize and give Me praise and thanks over and over that you are redeemed and that you can walk in the way of the upright.

I desire that My true messengers would remain true to Me, not fearing for their lives but rather respecting My purposes for them. When you keep your hearts, you will desire to walk humbly and obediently before Me, knowing of a surety that it is Me who is indeed well able. That is, I am able to provide, protect and promote the ones who are standing true unto Me as the God they are meant to serve.

I do abhor the acts of spiritual adulterers, because they go after the gods that are dead. Therefore, they invite spiritual and natural death unto themselves. The saga of sorrow and sadness becomes the cup of transgressors, because their way is hard, because My wrath is against them. Do not have false compassion upon such ones, for they reap what they have sown.

Be glad even now that you can partake repeatedly of Me as the One who gives you life, love and light. In the midst of this dark and degenerate generation and nation, I give to My own the way wherein they will be guided. As you believe and trust, so do you see the obedient way and walk uprightly in the same, for you are being guided by My Holy Spirit.