Multitudes Seek Only for Carnal Treasures

I speak unto you this day, My people, and I tell you to remember that My Son has prayed for you all to be made one with Us, even as We are One with those who are no longer on earth. The ones who are in heaven have ascended to the dimensions that are far above the carnal plane. The troubles that beset humankind are no longer able to plague and torment them, as they are now secure in Me. Therefore, they look down to where you are and they are desirous of your ascension into the abode intended for you throughout eternity.

There are multitudes who are looking only in terms of their earthly lives and the gains they make in terms of carnal treasures. However, they are foolish, for they gain absolutely nothing from those things that they are considering to be so valuable. The multitudes who are pursuing the carnal dimension receive their rewards here on earth, and those rewards include fame, fortune and self-gratification. When they stand before Me, they have no rewards that are eternal and therefore they are without any recognition by Me.

Foolish children are those who make no preparation for their futures and live only for the present. I do not call you there, but I call you to the realms wherein you are meant to achieve in order to be pleasing unto Me. Thank Me even this day that you are not called to such emptiness. Rather, you can be in the richness of the glories that are found in Me.

Do not keep your eyes on carnal riches, for they are worthless in terms of eternity, and those who sow only to the achievements and gains they make in their lives on earth will end with nothing. I definitely do not want you in such empty pursuits, for they are vain. Rather, I desire that you would pursue the true riches that are to be gained and found by keeping your commitments and vows unto Me. Those who turn back to the way of carnality after they have tasted of the heavenly glories will find themselves filled with emptiness and futility.

The ones who have partaken of My glory then cast off the same to return to the way of the damned, literally are twice dead and will reap the rewards of their choices, both in this life and the life hereafter. Their cup will be the agonies of the damned, because they have cast off their opportunities to be in My kingdom.

Many of these are extremely bitter and are vindictive, because they desire to see others damned as they themselves are damned. Because of their own stupid choices, they want to see others in the same bondage and captivity. By wicked means, they will attempt to seduce others into the same prison houses as they are in. The infection of their darkness will spread from soul to soul, and there will be many contaminated.

When you reject such darkness and choose the light, then are you showing the oneness of spiritual communion that My Son has prayed for you to walk in. When you are staying in that communion, then are you guided in the way that is upright. Never will you find that My Holy Spirit leads you into the bitterness that many settle for as their refuge. My Spirit will lead and guide you in the way that is beautiful, for it is the call to all, even unto the cross.

Be thankful that you are kept in the midst of wolves and that those who intend harm for you will be under rejection by Me, because I will vindicate Myself upon them. It is the best way to live your lives on earth, that is, in obedience to the Holy Spirit directives and commands.

Remember, when you face adversity, that you can find your peace in My way and that it is the peace that passes understanding. Be thankful even now to know that I am with you always and that I will never leave nor forsake you as you are following hard after Me as the One you love.

The world is full of confusion and falsity, and when My people take on the ways of the world, they become a shame unto My Name. I do not want for you to be a shame, but rather I want you to be as shining lights to a darkened and sin-sick world. Thank Me that the way I have given to you is the way of mercy and truth.

Do not be downtrodden nor discouraged. Rather, be ever encouraged, enlightened and uplifted in the powerful presence that is found in the way that is provided for you. As you keep your vision single, you will not be as the blind who have literally made themselves blind by choosing for darkness rather than light. It is indeed a great privilege to serve Me with gladness each day that you live, and to know that I am the One and only true God who remains. The gods of men will end in heaps of rubble and tossed into the garbage heap. The images and idols can be crushed and blown unto the wind, for they are useless.

It is Me and Me alone who remains throughout all generations, and it is Me who is calling forth My Spirit people. Therefore, let it be Me that you remain true and faithful unto each day and that you follow with gladness and rejoicing, for I am the One who provides for you day after day. Fulfill My will and purpose and find the joy that is yours because you are well pleasing and in the company of the redeemed.

Do not be as the foolish who live in sorrows multiplied and brought forth because of their own choices. It is wisdom to choose Me and serve Me each day and know that I am the enduring, everlasting, self-existent God.

Let gladness be the outlook you maintain, not sadness and sorrow brought on by reprobate choices and conduct. Be conducting yourselves in the way that is honorable and brings glory and recognition unto My kingdom and not the kingdoms of carnality. My intentions for you are of course goodness and mercy.