Pride Is a Blinding Force and Likewise an Abomination

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are not intended to give way to religiosity. You are intended to walk uprightly in Me as the One True God you are called to serve and obey each and every day. Therefore, be thankful that it is Me the Living God who rules over you. So many do not continue under My Rule because they get eyes full of adultery for the world. Then, they imagine the world has something to offer them, they go a whoring from Me and take up that which will prove to be abomination before Me.

Pride is abomination in My sight, and when My people give way to pride, then they are no longer respecting Me. Instead, they are choosing to believe in lies rather than the truth. I do not find pleasure in My people when they do such things, because then their hearts are far from Me. Instead of walking uprightly, they are guilty of doing those things that are a shame unto Me.

Pride is a blinding force whereby souls are led down the path to their own destruction and devastation, and in the same they are desolate in the end. I do not find those who are loving themselves and believing in their own capabilities, to be experts. I find them to be blind leading others in the same blindness, and they all will end in a ditch.

Pride consumes multitudes because they are despising and undermining humility. When you see them in such attitudes, it is because they assume themselves to be more capable than they are. The ensuing consequence is that “self” is their god, with belief in their own greatness and capabilities. Such ones as these are living in the place that is full of darkness and delusion, for while they are stubbornly clinging to the imaginations of greatness, they are actually showing themselves to be dull and dumb.

Do not think that you are to be a partaker of their hypocrisies, for they are many. The ones who are lovers of self will always despise the truth because they are in captivity to self-idolatry and are generated towards hatred for Me and My way, which is humility. Consider when My Son Jesus came preaching. He declared with boldness the hypocrisy they were involved in, and the religious were greatly offended by His Words.

What Jesus declared in terms of their hypocrisy, He lived in opposition to. He demonstrated His loyalty and obedience unto Me by walking in the pathway that was intended for Him to walk in. He kept His vision ever upon Me as the One True God that He served and walked in respect towards. He did not promote Himself, nor did He take the glory for any of the miraculous happenings that occurred during His earthly journey. Instead, He demonstrated true humility by serving in obedience and submission to My will and not His own.

Be aware that I do not call you to the shabbiness of seeking for the promotion of self. I call you to promote the kingdom wherein I abide and know that the same is life, love and light. When you are in compliance with My desire, you are found to be well pleasing. Do not seek for your own fame and your own game, for these things are vain and empty and will leave you desolate. Why should you live in the isolation, the desolation of darkness, when you are called to live in the richness of fellowship with Me through the Holy Spirit?

It has never been My intention that My people would live in the places whereby they are left to flounder because they are trusting in themselves rather than Me. It has been and will continue to be My intention that My people will live in true and lasting fellowship with Me through My Holy Spirit. Therefore, be serving Me each day in the attitude of gratitude for the privilege you have received through the redemptive mercies in Jesus Christ, the Savior of your souls.

There are multitudes who do not appreciate the humility way because they are under the covering of pride. Because of the pride which puffs them up, they literally despise the concept of humility and service unto others. All that they can think about is themselves and how great they are.

However, they are not great at all. They are fools who are drunk on the intoxication of pride. You can see that intoxication in many of the world’s leaders in these times. They are full of conceit and arrogance and imagining that they are invincible. But the truth is, they are vulnerable, because they will die as men and women do, and perish in their pride. If I so choose, I can bring them down in a wave of My hand, and all that they have built will become utterly ruined, as a consequence of My judgment against their pride.

Why not seek to be in humility day after day that you are not consumed of pride, nor are you taken in the throes of the same? When you are walking humbly before Me, then of course, you are well pleasing and will find abundance of life, love and light in My kingdom glories.

Those who are inflated on pride will be as huge balloons. The day will come when they are deflated and flattened, as the hot wind of their pride is let out of them. Thank Me that you do not have to live in the absurd vanity of pride but that you can live in the humility that My Son has left as your pattern.

When you are willing to walk in the steps of My Son, your actions and reactions will be clearly changed from the selfishness and pride of carnality. To be born again of incorruptible seed is a great and remarkable privilege, and when you have been given the same, be cherishing it.

The multitudes who are bound in the prison of pride will end in the heaps of ruination that come to those who love themselves more than Me. Take to heart and to action the admonition of My Son Jesus, who called His true followers to die to themselves and follow after Him.