Overdramatizing Their Sorrows, Many Are Intoxicated on the Show of Emotion

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are living in times when people are overdramatizing their sorrows. That is, because of the advent of personal problems, there are multitudes who make a big show of their emotional pains and injuries. I do not call you to such a place. Rather, I call you to be of good courage and to go onward in the way that I have prepared for you. Therefore, in this wayward generation do not be living in the drama covering. Rather, be living in the sober covering that I provide and intend for you to walk in.

Of course, there are many things that I do that are far beyond the scope of carnal men and will show that I am indeed the One who is well able and I guide you forth. Consider for example the salvation of the apostle Paul, who was once Saul and was My enemy and the enemy of My people. Such a conversion was indeed remarkable and dramatic.

However, if you see how Paul thought about his conversion, he realized that he had met the Lord Jesus and that he was blinded because of his own sins. He did not try to gain pity for his condition, because he was convicted by his sins and he knew he had been wrong. So it is when any is wrong and admits to the Holy Spirit’s conviction of his or her sins. They are then in the place of being forgiven.

Those who are calling themselves Mine are not meant to wear their problems as though they were the only people on earth who had problems. They are to see instead that it is indeed a great privilege to be forgiven of their sins and given the newness of life that comes through Me. When men, women and children want attention, they will overly dramatize their own sufferings and call attention to themselves. This is as though they are the only people on earth who have ever suffered which is not true.

With these factors in mind, do not be overly dramatic about anything but rather walk soberly redeeming the time. The more that humans give way to visual devices the more they are taken under the control of the same. Then their emotions and responses are directed and guided by the same. You as My people are not meant to be controlled by the visual devices of this age, rather you are to be controlled and directed by the All-Seeing Eyes of My Spirit. My Spirit sees what is transpiring and by such a vision are you enabled to be directed forth by a plain path and given the hope that I provide.

It is not good for any one and especially My people to be under the over emotional and excessive dramatization that is so easily available in this hour. Do not think that I intend you to be under the same, I do not. I intend for you to be under My covering for it is sober and will keep you in clarity and the mindset of peace that comes from abiding in Me. Therefore, in this generation, be careful what it is that you put before your eyes and take in. Because you are My vessels and your bodies are meant to be My temples. I do not want My people to be ever bringing in those things that are filthiness, uncleanness, hypocrisy, and emotional drunkenness. Why should you live in such intoxication and be overwhelmed by the same? Do not for you are Mine and I desire you walking uprightly in Me with your vision not on the sins and the things of this world.

Be glad even now that My Spirit will lead you forth by a plain path and keep you looking unto Me. You are not to be directed by the visual powers of darkness and iniquity, you are to be uplifted, strengthened and given the hope of who I am. When you do your best to keep focused upon Me of course you are in the light of who I am. That means that you are not kept from the way of the upright but are led in the pathway of Righteousness and true Holiness. It is only the fools who give themselves over to the iniquity of these times through the visual input that is found in the demonic.

Be thankful even now that you can be shown how important it is to follow after Me as the One True God who is well able to help you with everything that you need. It is not by the expertise of men that things are kept in balance although men and women take the credit for things they do not do. Those who are glory thieves are thieves before Me.

Therefore, be aware that you are not meant to be overwhelmed and taken into visual captivity, you are meant to be free from such contamination. When you put forth your efforts to stay clean from worldly contamination, so do I honor you.