Do Not Have Contempt for Fellow Believers; Respect One Another

I speak unto you this day and I say, be thankful that you have others who are loving Me to be in communication with. Because of your thankfulness, you will be kept each and every day in the newness of life that I provide and you will be given My blessings. I do not find pleasure when My people are in silly and harmful disputations one with another that are generated by pride and contempt for one another.

Be aware that I have called you to walk, to live, to partake of the sweetness of fellowship one with another and to know the blessedness that comes when you are being led forth by the plain path that I give you to walk in. Sad to say that there are many who allow themselves to be directed by pride and contempt, and by the same they lose out with Me as their Keeper.

Their losses come because they dishonor one another through contempt and harmful pride. I do not call you to pride and the dissension of the same. Rather, I call you to humility, whereby you learn to have love and respect one for another. Therefore, be glad even this day that you can walk in the truth, live in the truth and respect the truth, for I give to you the same. A dominant aspect of the Truth is enduring love. Such love endures with gladness differences between people and especially those who are fellow laborers in My field of harvest.

When men and women are working in a field to pick the crop of the same, if they are always arguing, disputing and contending over the best way to pick the crop, the crop goes unpicked. This is because they are choosing to waste the precious time they have to bring in the crop in useless arguments over who has the best method.

So it is with any situation which requires that people work as a team for Me. They must operate in love and respect towards one another, not wasting time in unfruitful disputations and arguments.

Be thankful this day that it is Me who gives to you the privilege to be redeemed and to walk in the life that is light and love. Therefore, be ever made to participate in all that I have for you in My goodness and mercies extended, and be glad for the higher kingdom life I have called you unto.

It is indeed tragic to see the utter waste of human lives that comes about because of angry contentions and proud disputations. Wars actually erupt and violence and death come forth because of such friction that goes unabated.

Know of a surety that it is My Spirit who leads you forth by a plain path, which is the pathway of My peace. My Spirit does not lead you in the way where in you will suffer multiplied sorrows and acute separation from Me. When you see the ones who are led there, it is because of their own hardness of heart. I have never intended for you to undergo such calamities. I have intended for you to walk uprightly each and every day in the blessedness that I give to you.

Therefore, be all the more excited at the adventure you have when you follow Me wherever My Spirit leads. You do not understand a lot of things when you are stubborn against My Spirit. When you are ever open to My Spirit, you will not be led into the ditch. You will be led forth in the way that I give to you each and every day.

How wonderful it is to be in right standing and know for a surety that the pathway that is prepared for you is the pathway that is life eternal. Thank Me even today that you are meant to come forth in a plain path and know that you are able to give Me your all and that there are none who can keep you from what it is that I provide.

When you truly consider the newness of life, it is much more important than the death the world offers to any and all. Those who harden their hearts against Me are full of deceptions and they will pay for the same. Do not for one minute believe that I call you to deception. I do not. I call you to truth and to abide in and declare the same. There are many pathways that men, women and children go in that cause them to experience death spiritually, while they imagine they are gaining enlightenment.

Do not ever think that the enemy is not full of deceit. Remember the ruler of darkness is the father of lies. Know that he will indulge the ones who follow him in all manner of troubles and distresses, day after day, as he leads them down to their own death and damnation. When you meet the ones who whine that it is too hard to follow Me as the Living God, know that the same is their delusional deceptiveness which takes their hearts into hardness against Me.

Repeatedly, I warn My people against the hardness of heart that causes them to rebel against My rule over them and go down the road that I do not intend for them to walk in at all. Therefore, keep your hearts in subjectivity to the mind of My Spirit, for the same is submission and obedience, and those who walk uprightly in the same are of course able to be thankful each day. You are not called to live in estrangement from Me. You are meant to live in friendship and fellowship with Me as the One you love.

Even when you don’t understand why I lead you as I do, keep steadfast in your hope that through Me you are uplifted. Do not give way to the unbelief that so many have succumbed to, all to their own demise. You are not to be devoured or destroyed. You are meant to come forth ever made glad, because you believe in My Son Jesus, who has given to you all that you need to finish the course before you.