Loose-Lipped Utterances Cause Separation from God

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are not called to be loose lipped, uttering everything that comes into your minds. Rather, you are to regard what you speak, for there is power in words. When you speak those things that are contrary to My truth, then you are creating darkness. However, when you speak the things that I declare, you are bringing forth the light and the truth that I have intended to be heard.

Be faithful to guard your tongue and your lips from those things that the enemies want you to spew forth. There is from the enemy camp much mental pressure as well as physical pressure to get you to speak forth the things that will cause you extreme distress and separation from Me as your Maker. However, if you are on guard against the enemies’ tactics, you will not fall under the darkness of the same.

There are those among My people that I have called to declare My counsel, and such ones must be particularly alert to the attacks against them because they are used mightily of Me. Do not give way to such devilish input that would cause you to speak forth unbelief, doubt and fear. Instead, be speaking forth faith and confidence in Me, and be encouraged by My power. By the same you will find yourselves be made courageous and able to impart courage unto others.

Inasmuch as you are living in times of tremendous fears being dispersed all over the world, realize that such fears are the work of evildoers. Such ones as these want to bring all under the captivity of such fears that are destructive and damning. As My people, the battle is to keep yourselves in faith, in the divine direction that I intend for you, which means likewise that you keep your lips from uttering those things that the enemies would use to get you into negativity and hatred.

Those who give way to continual bitterness will of course defile not only themselves but others as well. There is no encouragement in their words. There is only corruption and fearfulness. This day, be adamant against the pressures to give way to utterances of bitterness that spring from the root of bitterness that has defiled and continues to defile multitudes. Consider how much of the world’s distresses are caused by the factor of the unwillingness and inability to forgive others of their violations towards them and their loved ones.

When it is My Son that you are following, you will know and understand the importance of forgiveness and you will be willing to obey His commands regarding the same. This is because He came as the very embodiment of forgiveness, whereby He took upon Himself the guilt for all humanity in order to bring forgiveness into their lives. I always regard with mercy the ones who are following His commandments unto them, because they are showing forth their love for Him.

Many will make a show of fanciful speeches about how much they love the Son, yet their hearts are full of deceit. So, they will likewise utter many bitter words at times, when they allow the bitter root to spring up. Of course, such utterances are defiling and bring forth death. I do not call you to follow such messengers, because they have not walked in the forgiveness power that I ordain. Instead, they have remained in the place of subjecting themselves to demonic input rather than the input of the Holy Spirit.

The input of the Holy Spirit leads to the revelation that vengeance belongs to Me and that I am well able to bring down the houses of evildoers and that I will do so in My time. Therefore, My people are expected to be partaking of the way that I ordain, which is eternal life and is replenished with forgiveness and mercy. When you are on guard against the enemies’ assaults, you will not give way to bitter words nor hatred, but rather you will speak forth faith and forgiveness.

Yes, My Son prayed for Me to forgive the ones who were putting Him to death on the cross. His very life and death depicted mercy and forgiveness. Both of these virtues are essential in order to live in the kingdom realm wherein I abide.

When you consider the reality that many of you were My enemies and used My Name only in cursing others, it is by belief in My Son and coming into His way that you were transformed. You came out of the darkness and into the glorious light by seeing your own sinful state and crying out to Him. Therefore, continue in such a way and know of a surety that I will meet you in your need time and again, as you cry out for My guidance through the Holy Spirit.

As My true ones, you are not intended to follow vain persons and end in the ditch of deep despair. Rather, walk in humility and seek for the divine counsel that I provide, and know that in the same you are uplifted and brought forth by a plain path. Be thankful unto Me this day that I am the One who has given to you the privilege to be redeemed and restored unto My house.

Be aware that the enemies hate you because you have escaped their clutches and are living in the newness of life that is found through Jesus Christ the Redeemer. Do not be worn down to the point whereby you utter the words of bitterness and death. Instead, be partaking of the words of life, speaking forth the same, that you will be full of faith and confidence in Me as your God, the very One who is eternal and everlasting.