Demons Want You Taken in Fear; Resist, Refuse and Rebuke Them

I speak unto you this day and I say: Let your confidence be ever in Me, for I am the One True God who is well able. Do not be taken down because of the adversity of circumstances. Rather, be uplifted because it is Me that you look to each and every day. When your confidence is in Me, then you are not found in the ditch of discouragement and despair.

Those who put forth their efforts towards faith and not fear are kept and guided forth by a plain path day by day. Then are they enabled to rejoice and give the thanks and praise unto Me, for I do miracles for them. The enemy of your souls loves to ensnare and entrench you in fear, that you fall down under the same and cannot keep your focus clear upon Me. Why? Because he hates the ones who have their confidence, their faith, their hope in Me as the One who is well able and far above all other powers.

When you keep clear in Me, then you will see that I give you My life day by day. Inasmuch as you are living in times of great hypocrisy, be thankful that you do not need to be a partaker of such hypocrisy. You are not called to hypocrisy. You are called to the truth, the straight and narrow way.

In the way that I call you to, you will not be given over to hypocrisy and pretension. Rather, you will be in reality, whereby you find the strength to continue partaking of Me each and every day. This is because I am available unto you and present to guide you and direct your steps as it pleases Me. When your hearts are kept for Me, then you will not be full of the hypocrisy that is so common and so sinful before Me.

I do not find pleasure in those who hearts are far from Me while they claim to love Me. Literally, I regard those who have hardened their hearts against Me as mockers and pretenders, because they are saying one thing while living another. Be aware that I am not mocked, and they are the ones who will pay for their hypocritical actions and behaviors.

Thank Me that you can live for Me each and every day and pursue the course that I have prepared for you, which is the way of life eternal and everlasting and does remain. Therefore, keep straight and true in your relationship unto Me as the One True God who is indeed well able to keep you when the circumstances are adverse and ugly. Be glad even this day that you are not destroyed by circumstances and situations, but rather uplifted in the same.

Over and over, I lead you forth by a plain path and direct your steps and show you beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am the One who is well able to keep you in the midst of the storm. Consider that it is Me who is the ark of safety and that you can indeed be guided by My Holy Spirit, for the same is ever present and given to guide you forth.

Be among those who are rejoicing as they see the power that is truly available to them as they are constantly abiding and giving praise. There is no good thing that I withhold from those who walk uprightly and obey Me in all that they do. There is no reason to walk afar off. There is every reason to be in compliance with the way that is given for you, as it is the way of life eternal.

Hoping in Me brings you into the realms of faith wherein you are meant to walk and live. Those who project that they have faith in Me, yet are continually relying on the arm of Egypt, are bringing the curse to themselves. When you see the ones who look to the world, it becomes evident that they are depending on carnal men and women and not upon Me.

It is made prominent to the observant that the cursed only dig a deeper hole for themselves and are taken down in the same. You are not called to go down into that hole. You are called to be rejoicing that through Me you are not under the curse but you are uplifted. It is senseless to be tripped up by the rhetoric of the foolish who are trusting in the arm of flesh.

There is no other God who is like unto Me, and for people to turn to mere men and women or even nations and trust in the same, is to trust in lies and deceits which are innumerable. Therefore, keep clear in your vision by daily aligning yourselves with Me as the One you love and put your trust in.

When the power of My Son becomes evident to you, you will see that by His obedience all other powers became subservient to Him. Every knee must bow and every tongue confess that He alone is the Lord and the ruler of all. The demon powers recognize Him for who He is, while many of those who claim to be His do not even recognize Him or the power that I have given Him.

Therefore, this day do not crouch in the position of pleading before the ungodly, but let your petitions come unto Me, for I am the One who is well able and I am the One who guides you in a plain path and directs your steps. When you walk with Me and you talk with Me through My Spirit, then you are not left to flounder, nor to wander after vain persons who are full of deceptions and the devices of evil. Instead, you are uplifted and given the hope to continue in confidence, despite the times, despite the evil of human rule, and despite the demonic forces.

You can know for a surety that yes, there is One True God who is ALMIGHTY, and that you can be kept each day. Be glad that you are not ruled by fear, but you are ruled by faith in Me as your Maker, and that the hope that I give is invincible and ever present to you. Those who are looking to the flesh will find themselves hopeless.