Although Multitudes Rebel, Stay True to God

I speak unto you this day and I say that though you live in the midst of a rebellious and hateful generation, it is Me, the Living God, who has ordained it to be so. Therefore, do not think it a strange thing that I have called you to Myself to do as I ordain. When you see the blatant rebellion of multitudes towards Me, do not in turn take up their rebellion. Instead, be quick to walk in obedience towards Me as the One you are meant to serve, to obey and to please.

I have ordained you to remain faithful and true in your relationship unto Me, not turning to the vileness and corruption of those whose hearts are hard as stone and whose determination is for their own damnation. I do not call My messengers to turn from Me because the message they are sent to deliver is to the rebellious and hateful. No, I ordain My messengers to remain proclaiming and declaring My Words.

Consider that in this rebellious and hateful generation there are some who will hear and obey My call to repentance, and when they do then there is rejoicing. If My prophets and seers stop proclaiming, then the ones who would have repented will be led along the road to destruction by the leaders who are full of corruption and destruction.

When you consider that I am the One who knows the hearts of all humanity, do I not look down and see the ones who will repent? Did I not see that some of you, even though you dwelt among the rebellious and hateful, had it within your hearts to repent? Had I not sent My messengers to you, where would you be except in the habitation of the damned?

Therefore, do not determine that you will turn aside because you deem the job I have called you to as too difficult. When it is Me the Living God who is your strength, there is nothing that is too hard or too strange, for I am ever with you to guide you forth in the midst of briers and thistles. Likewise I will keep you in the midst of scorpions and serpents.

Upon hearing the railing accusations, the bitter and filthy words that some will hurl at you, continue to declare My declaration for the same is absolute Truth and will penetrate and convict. As My Son Jesus journeyed upon this earth, He faced the reality of the hatred of those whose hearts were far from Me. The leaders who were meant to lead My people were bold and spiteful hypocrites who looked only for their own gain and fame.

So it is in these times, that there are many who are haters of the Truth and who despise the message of Repentance. These ones will revolt against the call to repentance and imagine that there is no way they should ever consider repentance as they are right in their own eyes. However, if they were of My seed they would hear and they would obey, but they do not because they are of their father, the devil. Just as I kept My Son in the midst of such vile ones, so can I keep you from taking on their rebellious attitudes and dispositions of hatred. Through Me you can go forth rejoicing that you are My messengers and realizing that I alone am your strength and your shield.

Over and over you will see that multitudes have turned to the rebellion of this age rather than turning unto Me as their God, their Maker, the One they are to please. Such ones are foolish children who prefer their sins above righteousness and consequently choose to go in the way of death rather than the way that is My life and My light. Be thankful even this day that I have given to you My Holy Spirit to guide you in the plain path that I intend. When you hear and obey the commands of My Spirit then of course the same will prove to be eternal life unto you. Why should you take the way that is damnation when I lead you forth in the way that is salvation? Be aware that the rebellious will try to frighten you into compliance with their rebellion, but you need not comply with the same. You are not called to be subject to the vicious intent of those whose hearts are set against the Truth and who will resort to murder to destroy the same.

Repeatedly the pattern of the hateful is set to destruction and damnation. However, it is not for them that you are to go forth in the sense that they will turn. I send you forth for the ones who will hear the call to repentance and obey and come forth uplifted and rejoicing in Me as their Maker. It matters to Me that souls are redeemed from the penalty of their sins, and given the pathway of light, love and life. Be glad that you are enabled to rejoice each day because of the fact that you are redeemed and can be used to call others to repentance and restoration unto Me. When you consider the ugliness of those who have chosen against Me, know that their ugliness increases because they are destined to damnation.

Serve even this day in the attitude of gratitude and assurance that the way that I lead you is the way that is everlasting, the way that is eternal life and the way that you are called unto. Do not weary yourselves with rebellious thoughts against Me, instead rebuke and refute the same, not giving way to distress caused by demonic pressures. Instead this day keep your vision single unto Me and obey My commands as the Holy Spirit speaks forth the same unto you. Partake of the truth, then declare the truth with boldness and sincerity because you are walking in the light that I have intended for all, and rejoicing to be representing Me to such a hateful generation. Be knowing that you are privileged to declare My Words.