Self-Love and Self-Idolatry Are Deceptive Forces

I speak unto you this day and I say that I am sorely displeased with the choices that many of those who claim to be My people have made. My disappointment is in the fact that they are loving themselves and only saying that they love Me. Yet, the truth is their hearts are far from Me and they have chosen deception through their self-idolatry. The biggest idol of these times is “self.” The old nature, the carnal behavior is exalted and cherished, and the new life that is found through My Son Jesus is neglected.

All of those who say they love Me, yet they go in the way of selfishness, greed, and fulfillment of the lust of the flesh, basically are mocking Me. This is because they are showing themselves to be the absolute fools who are following folly rather than righteousness. Such behaviors are a mockery to My Name and result in abominable actions that speak louder than their hypocritical words.

At times in the history of My people, they reached such degrees of degradation on many occasions, and in the same incurred My wrath upon them. I never intended for them to digress from Me, yet they did so again and again, following after idols and neglecting Me. Again and again, they took up the ways of the heathen, which was the old nature being given its way, which was deceitful and deadly.

I desire that My people would follow after Me and obey My commands. However, when the old nature convinces any to follow the instructions of demons, such ones are setting themselves up for trouble. The fact was and is that My people are commanded to put Me first, and that means above themselves as well as others. As My Son Jesus declared, there is a high price to pay for the eternal kingdom wherein I abide, and that means that those who aspire for the same must deny themselves.

The multitudes who have quit denying themselves and surrendered to the god of “self” have given themselves over to a cruel and oppressive monster who is never satisfied. Because of the levels of degeneration that “self” is capable of, no wanton desire or lust brings joy. Instead, each vileness gives way to another, and those who were once free become imprisoned once again by forces stronger and more oppressive than before.

When you see how easily men, women and children choose to cast off their salvation, then it is evident that they are dumb. All who worship idols are dumb and dull, because they are bowing to death rather than walking in life. Consider that when those who have had salvation cast it off for damnation, I regard them as castaways, because it is by their own choices that they return to wallow in the mire.

When My people get eyes for the world, they become excited by the lust of the same and in such they are led astray and away from Me as their Maker. Now what pot can say to the potter, I am superior to you? Yet, My people do such to Me when they look to the world and choose the counsel of the world above My counsel.

As you look at the conditions of humanity in these, times what do you see? There is nothing but chaos, confusion, darkness and madness abounding to great degree. Gone are the wise ones who were brave and courageous enough to speak forth the truth in the midst of deception. Why is this? It is because of the fact that many of the leaders are loving worldliness above godliness and leading My people into the ditch of depression and despair.

Remember, the world hates My people because it hates Me. Therefore, when the so-called Christian leaders get eyes for the world, they are falling into the trap that will destroy them and the ones who follow them. Be aware that I do not call you to love the world, neither the things that are in the world. How many are engrossed in loving the things that are in the world to the extent that they have forsaken loving Me as their God? Instead, their efforts are towards the things that rust and rot and are no more. Then they actually will neglect their relationship with Me to achieve those things which are vanity and vexation of spirit. Not only do they neglect Me, but they neglect their children, their spouses and other loved ones, as they are driven by the lust for the world and the things that are in the world.

Am not I, the Living God, justified when I show forth through My wrath, fury and indignation how displeased and disappointed I am with the present generation of those who are Christian only in their words but not in their hearts? Of course I am, because I am the righteous Judge and My judgments are pure. When I bring down peoples and nations, it is to notify others that I am disgusted with those who have forgotten Me and turned back to the vomit.

Therefore, be aware that if you truly love Me, you will keep My commandments and not go after the vileness that is in the world. Rather, you will be seeking to love, serve and obey Me with all of your heart. What will be utmost unto you will be My will and My desire, not your will nor desire. Be glad even this day that it is Me who keeps the ones who keep themselves in Me. When you see the old nature in its ugliness rise up, push the same down and deny yourselves. In the denial of self, you will be enabled to worship Me and serve Me with all of your heart and soul, and in the same you will be made glad and filled with My joy.