Bitter Hatred for God’s True People Is Rampant

I declare it this day, and the validity of the same is everlasting, that when My people are true, it is Me the Living God who is with them and will help them. Therefore, face your lives with the knowledge of how important it is to stay true to Me as your Maker, your Keeper, your God. If you believe My promises, so will you be made strong to refute and rebuke the enemies who have infiltrated.

When you review the history of My people of olden times, it is evident that in those times My people went a whoring from Me, the enemies infiltrated and even invaded them. However, when My people returned to Me and sought Me with all of their hearts, then they were enabled to overcome those enemies. The same principles of operation are true now. It is to those who seek Me with all of their hearts that I give the victorious way.

It is My good pleasure to see My people live in the peace and safety that I provide, and My intention is that they would live in such a way. Because of the evil intention of the wicked one and his messengers, the opposition to My people is tremendous. You are living in times when there is bitter hatred for My people, and many are desiring to see them devastated and totally destroyed. This is because the enemies hate the very representation of My kingdom here on earth, which is what My people are when they seek Me.

Being aware of this warfare is meant to let you see that yes, there are vile and wicked persons all about. Yet, when I surround you in My mercies, you can have the perfect peace that I provide. With My protection over you, so are you able to defeat the forces of darkness that are wanting to destroy you. You will by My power and glory become VICTORS and not victims. As My faithful and true people, you will see, as you walk in humility, your utter need of Me and the way that I have intended for you.

Therefore, do not waver nor grow weary, but rather turn your lives completely over to Me as the Keeper and you will find that I am indeed well able to keep you in the midst of wolves, for it is Me who can and will stay the mouths of lions, and it is Me who can keep you in the midst of the fiery furnace. Remember the fact that I am greater than any force or power of carnal men and women who are possessed by the wicked one.

You are to adhere to My standard and My dictates, for in the same there is safety. If when the call to repent is being put forth, the nations torn and devastated by war would obey the call to repentance, then would peace be brought to them. However, because of the deceptions of pride, the leaders of nations have taken their peoples into great havoc and confusion. The ugliness of pride shows itself over and over, as people die in senseless and useless wars and uprisings because of the abomination of pride.

Be living each day in the attitude of gratitude because you are enabled to live in Me and to adhere to the way of righteousness revealed. Over and over, multitudes go off in their own ways, only to be devastated by the same and to find themselves utterly ruined. This is because of the deception of pride and the delusions that the proud are found in. With these things in mind, make it your daily practice to cry out to Me as the One who rules over you. Be serving Me in humility and subjectivity to the directives given by My Holy Spirit to guide you in the way that is blessed.

When you look at the state of being of those who are living in the cursed way, it is confusion, delusion, and madness, as well as sorrow, suffering, and sadness. All of this comes as the result of the pride that holds them in captivity and the rebellious slavery they are in to sin. Their entire lives are a massive depiction of how wretched human life can be to those who oppose Me. The misery of the ones who are miserable is on the rise and is being made more and more evident in these times of hatred for truth. Over and over, it is shown that they have made the choices for death and damnation.

Each day, be glad that you have chosen life rather than death, and that through My love you are guided in life and light. Do not be looking for depression and despair to be your companions. Instead, look to be in fellowship with Me through the Holy Spirit’s indwelling. You are never alone, for I have given you the Comforter to be with you and guide you each day. You are indeed privileged to receive the benefits that I give when you are serving Me with gladness, rejoicing and obedience. Many are the blessings that I have stored up for those whose desire is for My rule over them.

In looking at the utter chaos that rules in these times, be glad that you do not need to be involved in the same. You can be guided daily in the way that is Mine, the way that is pure and perfect because it comes of Me. Therefore, in this wayward generation be thankful for the salvation that you have been privileged to enter into and thank Me that I am the One who desires you to serve Me always. You are My ambassadors and you represent the higher kingdom, the eternal-life kingdom here on earth.

Therefore, behave in a way that represents Me and the standard of My holiness, for the same is a true representation of the joy that is prepared for any and all who abandon themselves unto Me. Do not be as the foolish who waste their lives and have nothing but condemnation in the end. Live your lives in the way that I ordain and endure faithful till the end, and be received and recognized as sons and daughters worthy to enter into My house.