Clutter Collectors Have no Time for God

How proud are those who are rich in the treasures of this world! They think themselves to be invincible by the same. They are literally blinded by the deceitfulness of riches and go in the way of the damned through the false covering of the wealth of this world. When they stand before Me, their riches will be exposed for the deception they are, and they will be found to be destitute of the true riches.

Know that I do not call you to the riches of this world. I call you to the true riches that are found in Me. When you are walking according to the way that I dictate, so will you find that I am the One who never fails. Likewise, you will find that I am the One who is ever present to give to you such as you need, time and again. Therefore, be thankful, serving in the attitude of gratitude, for I desire you to be rich in the treasures of My kingdom.

You are living in times when the multitudes are full of greed and lust for the things that are transitory and will end as rubble before their eyes. They are controlled by and consumed of materialism and cannot ever seem to have enough. Because they are hyperactive in their desires for the clutter of the world, they do not have time for Me. This applies likewise to the ones who claim to be My people and are following blind guides who are consumed with the lust for the riches that are deceitful.

It is only through adherence unto Me that you will gain the true riches that remain, because they are stored in the heavenly dimension and not here on earth. Because of short-sighted decisions, many accumulate that which is worthless and then find themselves destitute in the end.

You are not called to such destitution. You are called to be blessed by the treasures that I alone do provide. Those treasures are gained through obedience to My dictates and instructions, as given through the example of My Son Jesus and by the commands of My Holy Spirit, who is ever present to guide you.

So it is, that you will see powers of nations destroyed by the worldly riches they proudly thought themselves to have. Leaders are literally driven mad by the control they think they have over the multitudes because of the riches they have come into. It is not true, and those powers of men can be easily brought down by Me when I so choose. The ones who have seen themselves as incredibly rich can easily be made poor and end with nothing at all, because they are full of blinding pride.

When you truly consider such, you will be shown that there are many nations that have come and gone upon this earth. There are relics left of nations that have been in great earthly riches and are no more. Not all of these nations were primitive in their development. Some of them were very sophisticated in their development. However, none of these things could save them when it came time for Me to display My sore displeasure with their sinful ways.

When I the Living God do display My wrath, fury and indignation, there is no way that men can prevent the same. Remember, it is Me who raises nations up and brings nations down. At My command, even the earth is melted, the rivers overflow or dry up, the mountains shake, and the seas roar. It is Me who brings the freezes as well as the droughts upon humankind.

Therefore, it is foolish to trust in the riches of this world that can easily be taken at one wave of My hand. It is utterly foolish to trust in the world’s riches, and it is likewise foolish to trust in nations that I can easily destroy and devastate by My wrath revealed. Be aware of the fact that the present time is not the only time that men have witnessed My wrath revealed.

There are endless multitudes in hell, who chose the way of idolatry and abomination above the way of My righteousness revealed. Subsequently, they were brought to ruination by the many means that came from Me. None of their efforts preserved them, because they disrespected and disregarded Me.

Be aware that I am no respecter of persons, and when peoples have chosen to worship idols when they were created by and through Me, they are subsequently made dumb as the idols they serve. Don’t ever think that I am truly mocked by those who are rebellious. I am not, and in the end they are the ones who are mocked throughout eternity.

Stop and ponder the length of eternity. They are locked into everlasting torment, for there is no end to the eternal abodes which men and women choose by their choices and actions in the life on earth. There are multitudes who have risen up in self righteous indignation and hated Me and cursed Me for My retributive justice. Yet, in all their hatred, they do not stop Me, nor do they change their own destiny.

Therefore, be cognizant of what you choose to do each day and do not choose according to death. Rather, be choosing according to life and walking in the way that I intend. Do not be swayed by the deceitfulness of riches, nor the promises of fame, for all such things pass away. Rather be solidly looking unto Me and staying sure footed in the way wherein you are meant to walk.

Realize of a surety that you will be given hinds’ feet to follow, as you make the climb upward and onward in the way that I have called you unto. To follow the way that you are led by My Spirit is the way of obedience and the way that leads you into all truth. Be thankful that you can avoid the traps, snares and entanglements of the world’s false values, for as you are assured of My mercies, you are indeed in divine protection.