Jesus Was, Is, and Always Will Be the Revolutionary

I speak unto you this day and I say: Be ever present in the attitude of gratitude, for as you live in such a mindset, you will not be hating My way, nor resenting the suffering of the same. When you are thankful to be redeemed, then you are not quick to accuse Me, nor to abuse the mercies you have been given by Me as your Maker, your Keeper.

If you really will meditate upon the words that were spoken by My Son Jesus, then you will realize that the calling to My kingdom is a higher way than the way of carnality, which is cursed. Jesus came to establish My kingdom principles here on earth, and He did so, that men and women would know and understand such a way. Because the ones who desire to come up out of the corruption of carnality and receive the forgiveness that comes through repentance need the new life pattern, Jesus was and is the pattern who has been given by Me.

As you meditate upon His teachings, you will see that indeed He was, is, and always will be THE REVOLUTIONARY. Therefore, make it your practice to serve in the attitude of gratitude, and pray most earnestly to be conformed to the image and likeness of My Son Jesus.

Of course, you are to hate evil because of the destruction it brings. But in such, remember to practice love. That is, while you hate the evil doings that men and women are bound in by sin, remember that I have loved and continue to love the lost souls. Do not forget that many of you who now follow My Son were once the enemies of My kingdom and you sought only for the way that was death.

Because of My love perpetuated through My Son, you were loved with the agape love that can only be found in My kingdom. The kingdoms of humankind are full of all manner of evil and conniving, and even when they profess goodwill, their motives are cursed, as are their actions. This is because they are of the earthly dimension, which is cursed because of the sinful state that they are in. When Adam and Eve chose the lies of the liar above the truth, humanity was cursed by their actions.

Think it not a strange thing that when you come into the eternal life realm through repentance unto My Son Jesus, your lives will undergo the holy revolution that will bring them into love. That love has been given to you freely, for you did not pay for the same. When that love moves upon you, so are you being transformed by the same.

Those who truly yield to Me will find that the transformation is beautiful, although painful. This is in the sense that they die to their old lives to take up the new life they have found in and through the repentance revolution they have entered into.

So it is, that those who will choose My way will find that the same frees them not only of the penalty of their sins, but also brings them forth in the new life way that I intend for them to walk and live in. Therefore, be thankful that you have been given the opportunity to be born again of incorruptible seed, not being taken by the force of death that rules multitudes but being uplifted in the life force that I give unto My own that they can be patterned after My Son Jesus.

Each day, intention yourselves in the attitude of gratitude and manifest love to any and all who will be found in your path. There are many who hate you because you are Mine. Do not mourn over their mistreatment of you. Rather, be thankful that you can serve with rejoicing. In fact, let joy spring up in your hearts rather than sorrow, for when you are so identified with My Son, you will be hated and spoken evil of, time and again. It is a privilege to be so identified with Him and Myself.

How many who are claiming to be My shepherds are striving after the world and receive their rewards in this life? These ones are the blind leading the blind, for they want only the achievements of the carnal realms wherein they live. When their end comes, they will stand desolate and empty before Me, because they have chosen the foolery, the vanity, the greed, the pride that will be their condemnation.

They will face accountability for the souls they have led into the ditch of death and damnation. They will likewise be shown that the futility they have given themselves unto has brought them into the damnation of their souls and has caused others the same. Do not think they get by, for they have spent themselves for the things that pass away and their eternal reward will not be in salvation. Rather, damnation is their reward.

So, with these facts in mind, face each day with the attitude of gratitude that you are given the hope that is found in Me. Do not seek after the lies of the wicked, nor the gainsayers who are building their own kingdoms and using My name in fraudulence. Rather, be thankful that you can practice love, live in love, and show forth the love of who I am.

Remember that I loved you when you were My enemies, and I sent My Spirit to call you to the way that I had prepared for you through Jesus, who is My love shown forth to all. Be sharing Him with all who will cross your path, for He is the source of love and the proclamation of that love.

When you declare Him in love and show forth His love, even towards your enemies, then you are walking in the kingdom wherein We abide. As My Spirit directs you, so will you see the revolutionary way that is My way made manifest among the captives, the slaves of sin. Rejoice to be in the revolutionary way that you have been drafted into!