Jesus Declared Revolution Against Religion

I speak unto My people this day and I say: Do not allow yourselves to get caught up in religious traditions, as did the Pharisees and scribes. In their proud religiosity, they chose the traditions of the elders above Me. They likewise despised My Son, because He told them the truth about their hypocritical behaviors. I do not intend that My people would be hypocrites who put on an outward display, while their hearts are far from Me.

The ones who have cried out to My Son in true repentance are meant to follow Him in the way of life. He came declaring revolution against religion, because the same had ensnared souls in hypocrisy. Hypocrites are the ones who see themselves as better than they are, as they refuse to see their own faults.

Because they are full of self-love, they imagine that they can do as they please, when they please, and get by with the same. Jesus came exposing them, and they hated Him, for He did not compromise with their pompous pride. Nor has He changed in these times, for He looks to see the hearts of men and women and is not moved by the outward display of religion. When hypocrisy sets in, many are deceived and taken captive in pretentious delusions.

As My Son is the Word, the truth came from His mouth, and those who were living in the fraudulence were faced with the truth. When the truth comes forth, each person can either bow to the truth and repent, or resist the truth and rebel , and live in falsity and deceit. The religious leaders chose to oppose the truth because they did not want to change, nor did they want to admit they could possibly have been wrong.

However, the reality was, they were completely deceived, because they saw themselves to be far above the people they lorded over in their shows of proud piety and pomp. Their hearts were far from Me and they loved it so, because it gave them the opportunity to live in the deception they had chosen in their ardent self-love and overindulgence.

So it is even now, that many of those who are leading My people are leading them into the ditch of deception, because they themselves are deceived. They love the outward recognition they demand, while they do as they please and do not adhere to the rules they demand their followers to walk by. The false shepherds, who are a deadly plague in these days, are the hypocrites who hate the truth.

Therefore, do not expect to be loved as are such ones, for they are not of Me. Rather, they are of the world, and the world will love and praise them, because they do not walk uprightly. Such pretenders go on in the stupidity of darkness, keeping themselves in the mode of falsity and pretension, while they seek to gain recognition in this world. Do not follow them, nor be taken in the way that they lead.

I do not call you to cherish the opinions of mere carnal men and women. You are My people, and it is Me you are to please, not concerning yourselves with being popular and well-spoken of by the world. As My people, do not expect to be loved by the world, for the world loves its own. That means the ones who are likewise pretenders, hypocrites and mockers.

You are called to be vessels of truth, and the words you speak are not meant to be impressive. They are meant to be quite simply the truth, which will liberate the ones who cry out to be freed from the prison house of pretension and pride.

It is a good thing, a great thing, and a glorious thing to be able to walk in the truth each and every day, knowing that in the same there is liberty to the captives. It is the truth that makes you strong and able to endure, as you are lambs in the midst of wolves. Therefore, love the truth, for it is the hallmark of My kingdom.

When My Spirit convicts you of deceit, do not attempt to cover that deceit with more lies. Instead, repent and return to Me as your Maker and the One you are to love with all of your heart. It is the call to give your all for Me that you are under, which means that you live in abandonment unto Me and pursue the course that I have put before you with enthusiasm and godly zeal. Thank Me that you are enabled to walk in the truth and not be in the lies of hypocrisy that take men, women and children far from Me.

Far too many have lost the relationship they started out to have with Me, because they got enthralled with the world’s presentation of “Christianity” rather than the way that I intend. Therefore, they were taken down into the trap that caused them to lose sight of the truth and be consumed of lies. When you see them become castaways, do not be shocked at the same, for they have by their choices chosen the broad way of the world.

Those who follow the leaders who are popular are following that which takes them on a joyride of false euphoria and the delusion of the same. Why do people choose to follow after lies? They do so because they are loving to indulge themselves in their secret sins, while they are going onward in the deceptiveness of the same.

I do not call you to lies. I call you to love the truth and proclaim the same. Those who are true messengers will not bow down to the opinions of men. They will live in the truth, being thankful to be set free to follow the Lamb wherever He leads them, declaring the revolution against religion and the need to repent.