God Will Always Perform Miracles for the Needy

I speak unto you this day and I say: Do not think that the age of miracles has passed away. I am still and will always remain as the God of miracles. Therefore, do not hesitate to come to Me in your needs and know that I hear you when you cry out unto Me. I am ever present to the needy who are aware of their need of My help, and when they cry out to Me, I hear them.

Those who cry out to heathen gods are crying to the wind and their gods do not answer them. They are left in desolation and despair because the idols they serve are deaf, not hearing them at all. Likewise, those gods are dumb; they cannot speak.

When I sent My Son to earth and He entered into the ministry I had purposed Him for, He demonstrated the miracle power that was available through Me to meet the needs of the needy. Not all who came to Him were poor and wretched. They were simply needy. That means that they looked to Him as their source and they believed in Him to answer their petitions. So it is even now, that I hear the cries of all who are humble enough to go beyond pride and cry out to Me.

In these days that you are living in, look to Me and know that I am able. While proud men and women have dismissed My abilities and taken the glory to themselves, they are fools bound in deception. Inasmuch as they believe themselves to be invincible, it is Me who will show them to be the fools that they are. Likewise, it is Me who will demonstrate again and again that I am the One who is well able and I am the One who reigns supreme.

Therefore, be thankful that you can humble yourselves to Me and see My miracle power revealed again and again to the ones who trust themselves to Me. It is Me who has shown My miracle power even from the beginning and bestowed that same power evidenced in Jesus upon My prophets and messengers of old. It is by the same Spirit that My miracle power is shown forth in these times through the ones who are subject to My Holy Spirit’s commands.

You are not meant to live in doubtful disputation regarding the miracle powers demonstrated as the proud did in the days of Jesus. Rather, you are meant to be fully assured that it is Me the Living God who is well able and who demonstrates My mercies and goodness through miracles shown forth. Be glad that you are living in the miraculous realms that are demonstrated over and over as you are trusting that I am well able. Do not be taken in the way of the world and look only to the arm of flesh. Those who rely only upon carnality and are boxed in by the same will find themselves cursed by the very boxes that hold them in captivity.

Just as the world holds people in their clutches of darkness, so are they slaves to sin and bound by demonic forces. There are no miracles given to them, for their dependency is upon the arm of flesh. However, when those captives see My miraculous powers demonstrated, some are moved to cry out unto Me in their neediness and hope for a better way. Yes, I will hear them, because I am the God of mercy and I desire that My mercies shine forth in the darkness of these days.

Be glad, My people, that you are not among the hopeless and the helpless who are found bound in utter wretchedness day after day. Let the joy that I have put within you spring forth again and again, because you will be enabled to rejoice. Consider that you do not need to live in dreariness and dread every day, but that you can live in the abundance of goodness that I give to My own.

When humankind was created, it was by and through My Word. It was not through any deceptive force or delusion. Therefore, be glad that it is Me who is the author and the finisher, the beginning and the end, the One who is self-existent. Do not think that you have to be dependent upon the world and its proud ways. Reality is, you are meant to be dependent upon Me as the One who guides you forth by a plain path and gives to you the power to continue. Likewise, through My Spirit the hope of what I can do remains and encourages you day after day.

Expect and pray for miracles, hope for miracles, believe for My miracles, and you will see My miracles revealed over and over, for I have not canceled them out. Those who live in My eternal realms will see Me do such as I declare, again and again. Therefore, even now, be glad that you do not need to dwell in darkness, but you can dwell in the light that I give forth.

There is no reason to live in captivity nor bondage. There is every reason to live in the joy that comes of being redeemed and experiencing My miraculous power and My glory revealed unto you. Thank Me that through My powers you are enabled to live in realms above the cruelty of the world and the ungodliness of the same.

As you believe, so do you receive and so are you able to thank Me and praise Me as the God of miracles. When you consider the mundane reality of the carnal realms, why not soar up into the realms wherein I dwell and partake of the heavenly glories even now? You are not called to be earth bound; you are called to be heaven bound, soaring up on wings as eagles and being shown the glories that are eternal and partaking of the same.