Enemies of God Want to See God’s People Ruined

I speak to you this day and I say: Be aware that the enemies of My purpose hate you without a cause and will hurl railing accusations against you at all times. They do these things because they are full of demons and literally desire to see you dead when you are standing for and walking in the truth. Be alert to the fact that there are forces unseen that war against My true ones to bring them to ruination and devastation.

I do not call you to crumble under the demonic assaults, for I have given to you through My Holy Spirit as followers of My Son Jesus total power over demonic forces. Therefore, do not hesitate to exercise the power that is within you and command the demon forces to be subdued and shut up their raging. As many of the vessels of dishonor have sold their souls to the devil, they will never be freed of the demonic control of such forces over them. That does not mean that you are subject to the same spirits. That means that you can take the prevailing power over them and not be wounded or affected by their antics of animosity.

As you follow the footsteps of Jesus in this earthly pilgrimage, you will find that repeatedly there are multitudes who have come under the vexation of demon powers. They are unable to withstand the vicious attacks that come at them day after day. Because they are found in such a mode, they often times are in deep despair and depression. Many of these victims of demonic oppression and possession will end in violence towards others and to themselves. They literally will commit murder and or suicide in the hope of freeing themselves of the dark powers that haunt them day and night.

When you see the captives of darkness, realize that I desire the ones who cry out within their hearts for freedom to be set free. They are incapable of freeing themselves and desperately in need of the ones who will cast out the demons. As the captives are set free, they will be able to serve Me with gladness, remembering the former times when they were in captivity.

I do not intend for you to walk in captivity. Therefore, be aware that you are to be a people who remain subject unto Me. There are some who are the twofold children of hell, because they knew Me in power and glory. Then they turned aside and went a whoring after the demonic powers and are now possessed. These will never be free, for they mocked the Holy Spirit’s working in their lives, and through their own blasphemies and choices will serve demonic powers in this life and the hereafter in hell.

As Jesus journeyed during His earthly pilgrimage, He often cast out demons and set the captives free. He likewise warned mockers and blasphemers of the destiny that awaited them in their choices against Him and the Holy Spirit. Jesus offered to humanity the privilege to repent and change in accordance with My standard. Those who came unto Him were oftentimes under the various pressures of demons, including sickness and disease, as well as great and torturous mental oppression. He did not turn them away in disgust, but rather He cast out the demons that held them in captivity.

So it is, that as true disciples you are given that same power to cast out demonic powers and see the oppressed set free to follow after in the pathway of life. Those who are courageous enough to exercise the power over demons will find that the demonic powers put up a great clamor, yet those demons must bow to the power of the name of Jesus Christ. Therefore, do not hesitate to emancipate the slaves of demonic powers by the power of the Holy Spirit that resides in you.

As you pay heed to the commands of My Spirit, you will see again and again that power revealed against the forces of darkness that rule over others. Likewise, you are given the power to walk in faith and freedom yourselves, not being subject to demons but being subject to Me. Be aware that the enemies use the element of fear to cause believers to cower rather than be courageous, to be victims rather than victors.

Know that you are not to be bound by fear and trembling at demonic threats. Rather, you are to realize that you are ambassadors in the land of darkness and are to proclaim My kingdom and shine forth the light of the same. Therefore, be alert to the fearful spirits that seek to devour and destroy and take you into the captivity of their lies. Refute their power over you and command that they leave, inasmuch as it is only Me you are meant to fear, in the sense of respecting and honoring Me as your Master. When it is Me that you serve with gladness, then are you ever guided forth by a plain path and given the courage to continue.

Do not bow down to the devastation caused by demonic powers, but rather take command over such forces and walk in the power that you have as you obey the Holy Spirit’s commands. Far too many of those claiming to be My people bow to the demonic spirits rather than the Holy Spirit. Then they live in fear and not faith, and they are taken into captivity themselves as they pay heed to the world’s view rather than the divine view.

Realize that the war for souls will continue and that you must do what is meant to be done and go forward in the way that I have ordained and provided for you as My true ones. There is opposition from the oppressors, but there is greater power found in Me by the presence of the Holy Spirit that lives in you. Jesus cast out demons by the power of the Holy Spirit. Likewise, do the same by taking dominion over demons.