The Deluded Go Running After Lies to Feed on the Same

I speak unto you this day and I say that it is Me the Living God who desires true witnesses in these times of falsehood and lies. Those who go a whoring after the ways of delusion will give false witness and claim that the same is of Me. It is not, for I am truth and I do not find any pleasure in the multitude of liars claiming they are of Me when they are not.

The ones who are bearing true witness of Me are the ones who will live their lives for Me day by day. That is, they will not be eager to run after lies and fill themselves on delusion and imaginations that are of the world. Rather, they will daily seek their counsel of My Spirit and rejoice that they are being guided. So much of what is being promoted in these times is the work of enemy forces. These dark powers desire to completely control the ones who pay heed to their lies and are taken down under the same.

Be thankful each day that you have the Spirit within you that is leading and guiding you into all truth. It is a good thing to look to Me as your Maker, your Keeper, and know that I am far above all sources of iniquity that are so deceitful. Therefore, walk in the attitude of gratitude, not rebelling nor undermining the commands of the Holy Spirit. Did not My Son Jesus leave for all who want Him the profile of obedience fulfilled? So it is, that when you are called and chosen then you likewise will be led in the way of obedience fulfilled.

Because you are called to walk in obedience, do not be quick to take the world’s view of how you should be. Rather, be as the clay in My hands, being shaped for My purposes and not your own. Consider the testimony of John the Baptist. He bore witness of the need of the people to repent, as he was a true witness. He called them to prepare themselves for the coming of My Son by repentance and changing their ways. He did not take glory unto himself, nor did he fail to tell and declare the truth, which cost him his life. Inasmuch as he was called and chosen for the purpose that I ordained, he was an example of obedience fulfilled. As he ended martyred for telling the truth, he received the crown of glory that I had in preparation for him.

Be thankful even this day that I am the One who gives to you the same calling to be true witnesses. This does not mean that all will end up as martyrs, but rather they will love Me more than their own lives. Being My true witnesses means simply that the ones who are such stay true even if it costs them their natural lives.

Did not My Son Jesus leave the admonition for those who would follow to die to themselves as they daily bore witness of Him? As He stated, those who loved themselves above Him were and still are not worthy of Him. Therefore, be thankful that you will be enabled to walk uprightly as you are being led by the very Spirit of truth. When you are dying to self, then you are enabled to walk in light and be kept in the light in these darkened times. Do not be as the foolish who choose the prison house of darkness because they are lovers of deception and willful in their sins and rebellion against Me as their God.

The way of transgressors is hard, and when you look at the end of the lives of such ones, they are not received by Me if they have continued in their refusal of repentance. I do not bow to the pride of anyone, and the proud who defy Me are stupid, dull and dumb. The spell casters who give forth the world’s news are full of pride and vain conceit, representing themselves as knowing everything, when really they know nothing at all. Do not be taken in by their foolery, for you are not called to be a fool. You are called and chosen to be true witnesses and walk in the glorious light day by day.

When you are the children of the light, the light shines through because the world is so dark. Therefore, keep yourselves clean from the weights and sins of the world that try to overtake you and contaminate your witness of Me as your God. Let the light that I have put within you shine forth and thereby show unto the lost that there is the higher kingdom wherein I abide. You are not called to please the world. You are called to please Me, for I am the One who cares for your soul.

The false witnesses are increasing daily because so many of those who claim to be Mine are eating of lies and loving the deception of the same. The appetite of so-called believers is for worldliness, not godliness. Be glad even now that you can restrict yourselves from that which is defiling and degrading. When you are not full of the garbage of the world, then you will have an appetite for the truth. You then can eat of words of life, light and love which are given and do so with pleasure.

I do not call My true witnesses to be ogling the world, but I call My true witnesses to be looking unto Me as the One they desire to please and obey. There is peace that passes understanding when My people live in abandonment unto Me. Think how many there are who are rushing to fulfill themselves on lies and consequently end in hell by the same. It is tragic to see the utter stupidity of the dumb who are lovers of sin and by the same are they destroyed.

Be glad at this time when darkness is abounding and souls are perishing, that you are given the strength and the courage to walk in the way that the cloud of witnesses have left behind. It is a privilege to be counted worthy to receive the truth and bear witness of the same.