Lifespan Shortened by the Deadliness of Sin

It is Me the Living God who is far above all others, and I say that I shall prevail, as I am eternal and I live forever. The span of human life is very short due to the deadliness of sin which is ever on the rise. Do not think that those who have failed to repent will be with Me in the eternal realms wherein I abide. They will not be found in My presence, for they chose against Me in the activities of sin while upon this earth.

In the beginning, when the first man and woman were created by the words that I spoke, they were meant to be in subjectivity unto Me as their Father. Then, because they both yielded to the temptation put forth by the serpent, they became transgressors of My intentions. In their transgression, they were banished from the Garden of Eden and left to fend for themselves because of the lies they chose above the truth. In the life of banishment they would undergo the cursed hardship of separation from Me and the provision I had intended for them.

The same iniquity potential exists even till now in the hearts of men, women and children. If you look at the sins that are abounding in these times, you can see that the serpentine spirits are continually infiltrating, with the twisting and perverting of truth. They do this that the perversion becomes the “new truth” based upon greed and the lust of the flesh. Repeatedly, peoples are duped and deceived, and dive into the cesspool of sin, attempting to justify the same and cover themselves.

The ones who imagine that they get by with their false coverings are deceiving themselves, for I am not deceived, nor am I mocked, as I know the ones who are in subjectivity to Me and I know the ones who are not. Therefore, do not believe in the ones who put on their proud shows and displays, making it appear that they are something that they are not. Be glad instead that through Me you are ever shown the way of eternal life, and it is the way you are intended to walk in.

Be aware that you are living in times when sin is out of control and the filthiness of the same is evident unto Me. Therefore, I am showing forth My wrath revealed, and I am destroying all that gets in the pathway of My wrath, fury and indignation revealed. When you see the utter destruction that comes upon the earth because of the sins of humanity, realize that I am indeed enraged at the sins of humankind.

Do not be quick to feel sorry for them, because they have chosen to live in sin and to transgress against Me on every hand. Because of their choices, they likewise justify their transgressions and deceptions, and believe in their own importance and think that they are superior. They are not the great ones they have believed themselves to be. They are fools who are being shaken and taken in their folly. How dull and dumb are these ones who worship themselves.

The main idol of this age is SELF, as endless multitudes are concerned with themselves and no one or anything else. Over and over, they make the blunders that display their lack of true perception, as they are choosing to be deceived and dull. Do not ever think that they fool Me, for they do not.

I am the One who is revealing My rage against their sins. Pride causes multitudes to be taken in the way of the damned, because their obvious choices are for sin. Pride can puff up even the most dumb to believe they are extremely wise. Pride does blind the eyes of many, till they stagger about as drunkards, unable to know where they are going. Deluded and deluding others by their idolatry of self, they are subject to the dissatisfaction of their own vain carnality.

So it is, that the wrath that I am showing forth is righteous indignation, and those who are in right standing with Me and pay heed to the commands of My Spirit will be spared. Because they will be alert enough to hear and obey, I will give them mercy time and again. Be glad that if you are sincere in your relationship with Me as your Maker, you will respect and honor Me in your talk and your walk. There are countless fools who talk incessantly, yet their words are full of pride and draw attention to themselves.

Over and above all humanity, I reign supreme, and all nations are nothing more than a drop in the bucket before Me. That is, while proud nations imagine their powers are ultimate, they can easily be brought down by My hand. Therefore, realize over and over that I am the I AM, and I do what I will, when I will. Be respecting and honoring Me, not choosing to live in the deceptions of pride and the idolatry of self.

This day, be praising Me that you are called to serve Me, and no other god is worthy of your attention, for it is only Me who reigns eternal. As you stay attentive to the Spirit guidance, you are led in safety from the bombardment of lies that are on every hand. Likewise, you are enabled to resist the temptation to sin that presents itself in many disguises. By the discerning power which the Holy Spirit will give you, you will be able to differentiate between the precious and the vile.

As you serve Me in the attitude of gratitude, not with holding praise but giving Me the same, so are you enlightened by the light that I provide, for you are called to be the children of the light, not deceived nor deluded by the darkness that surrounds in this time of My wrath being revealed upon the willfully deceived rebels.