Cultivate Your Lives in the Spirit of God

I speak unto you this day and I say that now is the time to pay heed to My instructions, for you are living in times of My vengeance being revealed upon the ungodly. Because of My love for My people, I am bringing to the ones who have so boldly criticized and hated them the severity of My wrath. Therefore, be attentive to the directives that are given by My Spirit to keep you out of the way of My anger being revealed.

Those who are wise pay heed to instructions given by My Spirit, and in the same they are being spared from My wrath displayed upon the ungodly and foolish. However, the proud will not pay heed to Me, but rather they are choosing to go in a way that I never intended and are brought into devastation by the same.

It is important that you cultivate the life in My Spirit that you are intended to have in this wicked and perverse generation, as many are deceived by seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. You are not called to be subject to the doctrines of devils. Rather, you are called to be guided by My Spirit in the way that is My truth.

Therefore, know of a surety that I am the One who leads you forth by a plain path and directs your steps each and every day as you pay heed to My Spirit’s instructions. The foolish go headlong in the way of their own destruction, because they are oftentimes too proud to listen to the still small voice of My Spirit.

It is therefore obvious that the ones who listen and obey will be kept in the way of life. The ones who refuse to pay heed will go in the way that will prove to be destructive. You are not called to destruction. You are called to live in the abundance of My goodness unto you.

Be thankful that you are privileged to have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to guide and direct you in these days when there are indeed dangers on every hand. Without the comfort of the Divine Counselor, consider how fearful the multitudes are. There is the eruption of violence all about, because of the desolation of soul that has come upon humanity because of their abandonment of Me.

When men and women are forgetting that I am their Creator, then they are left to be plagued by the endless fears that the enemy has stored up for torment. Likewise, consider that My wrath is truly being poured forth, and so many need the comfort that only I can bring. Yet, they do not receive the same because they listen to the lies of the liar rather than Me.

Walk close to Me by paying heed to the indwelling Spirit that I have given to you, and you will be able to extend the truth of salvation unto many who know nothing but desolation and devastation. How important it is that those who need My hard hand against them to wake them up to their need for repentance hear the witness of Jesus’ sacrifice given for their sins.

I do not call you to live only in the comfort of knowing Me. I call you to know and understand the desperate need of humanity to repent and come into the mercies that are available through Jesus Christ, My Son and the Savior of those who will repent and return. Those who allow the mind of My Spirit to rule over them will realize how much I am burdened for humanity and how We long to see sinners repent.

Never cease to be in the attitude of gratitude towards Me that when you were lost and dying in your sins, you received the redemptive message of salvation through Jesus Christ. The truth is that you are saved to serve, in the sense that you do not fail to bear witness of the mercies that I desire for those who are perishing.

Of course, there are many who are hard of heart and very cynical, because they are bitter towards Me. They make rash accusations against Me, as though they are so superior that they have the right to judge Me. These are the very ones who will receive the cup of My wrath poured forth. In their blinding impudence and arrogant pride, they will only grow more angry and accusatory, because they are refusing the call to repentance. They have done the same over and over, thinking that somehow they get by. The deception by which they are covered is the work of the devil and his demon forces.

So, these ones who have it in their hearts to destroy My people and Me will find themselves being devastated by their own stupidity and hatred for My desire for their lives. The fact of the matter is, they are the children of the devil and are destined to be damned. Therefore, do not think it a strange thing when you see the ruination that comes to such fools, for I am the God of righteous judgment and I will bring to the wicked the wrath revealed.

Be thankful that you can be found in My mercies. The rebels will receive the wrath, fury and indignation that are the inevitable reward of those who are choosing their own devastation. Likewise, the righteous will be rewarded by Me for their faithfulness and willingness to follow the Lamb and be in full identity with Him.

Blessed are the ones who know and follow the Lamb wherever He leads, and when you are doing so, then are you counted worthy. Continue steadfast and receive all that I have in preparation for you. Then you are not left in desolation but are brought forth in the celebration of joy that is given to those who are true. Thank Me and praise Me.