Disorderly and Disobedient Ways Lead to Damnation

This day, be thankful that you are led forth in the way that you are intended to follow in order to be in the footsteps of My Son Jesus Christ. Because of the obedience of My Son in fulfilling His commission on earth, the door of salvation has been opened to all. Therefore, be glad that you are no longer in the course that is damnation, but you are now in the course that is salvation. It is My desire that all would come into that pathway and find the joy that I alone do provide.

The reality is that multitudes will and do refuse My path because they are high minded, proud, and determined to sin both day and night. Never have I intended that you would be in such a mindset. My intention is that you would be subject to the mind of My Holy Spirit, which is humility, and be thankful to be ever guided and directed in the same. Therefore, in this adulterous generation do not be double minded as so many are.

There are multitudes who say that they believe in My Son, yet they behave in the ways that are of the world. That is, they are conducting themselves in disorderly and disobedient ways that lead to damnation rather than salvation. Stop and consider that I am the One who intends for souls to be saved and brought forth in the realms of eternal life that can be experienced here on earth. As the good Father, I have prepared much for the ones who will cleave to the truth and seek daily for the same. Likewise, I have given through the Holy Spirit the very guide that you need to be kept in life.

When you smell the stench of decay that comes of the dead, that is how sin smells to Me. It is putrid and vile. Yet, many imagine they can carry the stench of death upon themselves and be pleasing Me. They believe such because they are choosing to sin and then refusing to face the consequences of the same. However, there is none who continues to sin after they have made claim to be believers, who is found acceptable in My sight. This is because through Jesus comes the strength and the power to resist, refuse and overcome sin. The ones who continue to sin after the Holy Spirit has convicted them of the same are living in rebellion.

Beware this day of the sins that do easily beset and seek to overtake you into the way of the damned. While you may present the outward display of upright living, you must guard your attitudes and opinions, in the sense that you are not backbiting and devouring fellow believers. My desire is that My people would learn to live in the attitude of gratitude each and every day. As they live in the attitude of gratitude, they will be realizing beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are blessed by Me. Likewise, they will come to understand how important it is that true believers edify one another in the way that I have intended for them to walk in.

Be aware that My Spirit will convict you of those attitudes and behaviors that are displeasing unto Me. When that conviction comes, do not refuse the same. Instead, be knowing of a surety that the Holy Spirit is leading you forth in accordance with My purpose and plan for your lives. My people are not meant to be lovers of themselves more than they are loving Me. Rather, they are meant to realize that it is only by loving Me as their utmost that they are found in My Joy. To be bound in the chains of self-love is a prison house, because self is never satisfied. No matter how much people try to satisfy and please self, the same is contrary.

Why should you be pleasing a master that is contrary, when you could be serving Me and Me alone? I never called you to serve any other master, including the old nature and the iniquities of the same. When you are serving Me, then are you brought forth by a plain path and ever uplifted in the full commitment way that is given by Me. Realize that your old nature is full of spitefulness and hatred for My way because the end of carnality is death, and those who pursue the course of self-love are dead in the trespasses of the same.

The world’s people are full of the lust of the flesh, and their motivation is for the same. How much of the culture you live in is nothing more than the promotion of self-interest and self-love? How ugly it is to see those who choose only to live on the carnal realms and indulge themselves continually. In these times, I have allowed the ones who are dying by their own selfishness to be made manifest that others will see the end of self-indulgence and the sin that binds them in captivity.

There are literally multitudes who have ended in the dregs because of their propensity to sin and their absurd and absolute determination to go their own ways. These ones are increasing daily because of the plague of self-love and sin that is upon the carnally minded. In many instances, the selfishness of such ones is overlooked and they are treated as royalty, yet they will respond with bitterness towards those who are helping them.

The end of sin is death, and before such an entry into damnation, those who continue in sin are subject to the agonies of the damned even here on earth. Those who are loving themselves and seeking their satisfaction are never satisfied and they defy all gratitude towards Me. When you see the nemesis they are, realize that you are meant to deny self and live for Me because in the same is safety and strength. Through Me you can refuse and resist the urge to sin, and come forth in the way which is life and righteousness.