Under the Storms of Life, Ambitious Endeavors Come to Naught

I speak unto you this day and I say that you are meant to build not according to human ambition as so many do. Rather, you are to build on the foundation that has been given to you through Jesus Christ, My Son. There are many who build according to the lust of their flesh, and that which they build does not last, for when the storms of life come upon them and the winds of adversity howl incessantly, blasting them in bitter cold, their ambitious endeavors come to naught.

I have not called you to build in vain. I have called you to build according to that which has been laid down through Jesus. Indeed, when you are building upon Him, He is the rock that remains. Whatever you do in these days is meant to stand and to keep on standing, and not be brought down. I am not speaking to you of natural buildings or locations. What I am telling you about refers to the spiritual dimensions that you are meant to be journeying to, and likewise learning as you go.

Therefore, count upon the Holy Spirit’s directives and be obedient to the same. It is by the Holy Spirit that you are led forth by a plain path and directed in the way that is all truth. Each new stone that is put into the spiritual building is essential for the goal of truth. Therefore, do not be as those whose ambitions are thwarted then they lose interest in My purposes, My kingdom, and My intentions for them.

Such ones as these have built upon sand and they are easily washed away, as there is no firm foundation to what they have chosen for their plans. You are not called to build in such a way. You are called to build according to divine plans and not human ambition. Those who build in accordance with My eternal purposes will find that what they have built remains, because the same is in compliance with My intents.

Be thankful this day that through obedience to the Holy Spirit you have been enabled to come forth and are still alive in Me. Continue therefore to trust that My way is far above and beyond what men can and do imagine. I have intentions that are superior, and those who pay heed to My intentions see beyond a shadow of a doubt the validity of My plans, for that which is of the wicked one does not prevail against them as they remain in My intentions and directives.

When you are doing those things that you are meant to do in accordance with My plans, then of course you see the validity of the eternal purposes you are called to fulfill. Do not be stagnated in one spot by looking merely to the same and imagining that is your final abode. Rather, realize that the spiritual journey you are called unto is a long course with many turns, twists, and even upheavals in the same. You are not called to quit, but rather to keep on in the pathway that is set before you, rejoicing in Me.

Many are the sorrows of those who have opposed My intentions because they followed human ambition rather than divine intention for their lives. Then, as time and space would have it, some of them have chosen to literally oppose Me as though they could prevail in such foolishness against Me. Do not in any degree take on such a maniacal mindset, for the same brings spiritual death and damnation of soul. I did not create man and woman that they would rebel against My way. I created them to be in cooperation with Me and to come forth in the divine purposes they are intended to fulfill. Therefore, be glad even now that it is Me that you serve each and every day, and that your accomplishments are sealed in heaven.

There are many whose ambitions are according to the flesh and not according to the Spirit, for they desire the recognition from humankind rather than Me. However, their motives are not right and the works they are so proud of are done in vain, for they look only to be seen and heard of men and women. Know of a surety that when you are laboring and building in accordance with My intentions, then your labors are not in vain. When what is joined in the Spirit remains intact, then I find pleasure in My people’s efforts.

Do not be led astray by your ambitious flesh and the vanity of the same. Rather, be led forth by the plain path I set before you and walk in that pathway, knowing that I am leading you forth in the way that is enduring and everlasting. So many in these times are not looking to the eternal purposes, nor are they seeking for the heavenly treasures. Their eyes are only on that which they can see, and in such their hearts are far from Me. Their desires are to impress others, not to obey the Holy Spirit’s commands.

Consider if a contractor were hired to build a building, then refused to follow the plans he had been given by his employer. Instead, he chose to build according to his own understanding, and the consequence brought ruination. Do you think that the employer would congratulate him on his ambitions and independence from the plans already drawn up? No! The one who had hired him would be sorely displeased with such a corrupt and disobedient worker.

In reality, such a contractor would be guilty of defrauding on the agreement that was established before the building began. Realize that you are meant to build on the foundation laid down by Jesus, following divine plans.