Greed and Selfishness Cause God’s People to Lose Out

I speak to you this day and I say: Be loving and undergirding one another, doing what is for the common good. I have not called you to selfishness and greed. I have called and purposed you to live for Me as representatives of the Higher kingdom. Therefore, be ever present to represent Me as the One who is able to show unto the world the better way of life.

When you look at the disturbance that sin causes in human lives, know that you are not intended to be a part of the same. Instead, you are meant to bear much fruit in Me as the representatives of My kingdom, the kingdom that remains forever. When it is made evident to you the vileness and corruption that is repeatedly displayed through the carnality of humanity, be all the more thankful to represent My kingdom and aspire to acquire the virtue of the same.

Those who have been selected and elected to be My messengers must choose to walk uprightly, lest they themselves lose the reward that I have for them. I do not expect that My messengers would be partakers of the world’s ways. My representatives are meant to be just that, ambassadors of My kingdom, the eternal and everlasting nation that exceeds all others. To be called to declare My kingdom is a great privilege.

Therefore, seek for the good of others, particularly those who are of the household of faith, and be steadily pursuing the course that I have intended for you to walk in. When the world looks upon you as My people, they will see the love that is among you, and that will cause them to be challenged and convicted of their sinful lifestyles.

Some, when they are convicted, will repent and return to Me. Others will grow harder and more angry. The ones who choose to repent and come to My Son Jesus as Master and Lord will find the peace that I give. The ones who harden their hearts against Me will grow more cynical, bitter and accusatory, all to their own despair, for the cup of those who refuse Me is never sweet, for it is rebellion and the same is bitter and poisonous.

It has never been My intention that men, women, and children would rebel against Me and choose the way that is damnation. Yet, because of the original sin, the curse of rebellion is inbred into the human nature. The only way that humankind are enabled to be freed from the curse is by repenting unto Jesus Christ, the Savior who gave His life to save them from the penalty of their sins. When the sinners repent and turn to My Son, then the seed of Christ is put into their hearts, and they are given the resource to learn of the new and better way of life.

Of course, there are those who will be using salvation as the immediate remedy for their troubles, then proving to be unfaithful towards Me. Such ones as these are foolish, for their hearts are full of deceit and they are choosing the filthiness of the flesh above the holiness of My kingdom. I am saddened by such ones, because they literally quench the Spirit of life that has been given to them through My Son Jesus.

However, the ones who are thirsty for the words of life will come unto the Son and drink of the waters of life. They will realize that He alone has the way wherein they receive that which is living. Such ones as these will be eager to hear and receive the truth. Therefore, be living epistles before them as you love one another in and through the surrounding counsel of the Holy Spirit and the agape love that has come into your hearts and souls.

When My people are loving one another, they are showing their love for Me and they are being uplifted and given the righteousness of who I am each and every day. Therefore, be glad even now to partake and celebrate My goodness that is provided. When you spend yourselves for Me, you are sowing towards the kingdom that is eternal and you are storing up treasures in the same.

Be glad even this day to see and to know that you are in the hands of the One who is the author and the finisher of your faith. Endure the trying of your faith and know of a certainty that you are not alone, for I am with you to guide you in the plain path of My truth and the power of the same. Do not be tempted to receive the enemy’s input. Rather, be receiving of the counsel of the Counselor, the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is ever present to direct you in the pathway of life that I intend for you, and you can be brought forth rejoicing and participating in the love in action that you are purposed to show forth. Be glad to be doers of My Word, not hearers only. You are not called to be a mere talker, but you are intended to be a walker and to keep on the long walk in your journey with Me, allowing Me to be your strength and your refuge.

This is the day of triumph for the ones who remain true to Me. Likewise, this is the day of My wrath revealed upon the betrayers and the haters of truth. The way that I have for you is victorious and triumphant, and you will see the precious treasure that is given to the ones who give themselves up totally unto Me. Thank Me for the fellow believers who journey along beside you as you help one another to continue and come forth in Me.

True love is painful, yet it is worth it all, as it is very fulfilling and enlightening. Do not hesitate to endure the pain of love to make the gain that is worth it all. Jesus the pattern endured the pain of love to make the way of redemption for all who choose to believe upon Him and follow His steps.